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FromSoftware it seems could be a very busy studio in the foreseeable future. Firstly there is the long-awaited expansion of Elden Ring. As we’ve seen, that will be titled Shadow of the Erdtree. Like when they released the base game we may not get any marketing until close to release. Though Game Rant has an article stating the DLC could be content cut from the game. Nonetheless, we still have no clue about the expansion’s plot or content. In fact, all we have is the screen with the title. So with all that is the developer focusing on this upcoming expansion?

No, FromSoftware is doing anything but that. So after what seemed like endless rumors, they confirmed another project. Therefore the other project was indeed the rumored new installment to the Armoured Core franchise. As we now know that has a release window of sometime this Fall. Therefore we know from that story we brought to you, a release period of September / October is what is expected. However, that’s not all to the story as we shall discover.

FromSoftware Working On Yet Another Project

Thanks to a spot by Timur222 on Twitter it does appear the developers have something else on the cards. Why not look at the tweet below and see what is developing in regard to this news?

They list the source as well, which at the time of writing shows the same as the tweet before tagging an Xbox news guy in Idle Sloth. The profile with this supposed leak belongs to Kenneth Chan. If we look at recent roles we see the following details

  • Producer/Co-Director – Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon
  • Lead Game Designer/Project Manager – Elden Ring

So they are working on a new project as his profile states “Producer – Unannounced project, Jan 2022 – Present1 year 3 months”. This could be future DLC for Armoured Core or even Elden Ring. They could have even decided to upgrade any of the Dark Souls titles or even Bloodborne.

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