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You may have seen an iconic horror franchise on storefronts coming next month. However, before the impending release of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Gun Media published a previous iconic horror that being Friday The 13th. In 2018 it was announced the game would receive no more future content on the game’s official website. The reason was a “legal claim” was made that could affect all future work with the franchise. However sadly for the game things got worse.

So you may remember towards the end of 2020 we told you about the game’s life span coming to an end. That was a result of the final patch. So the game was expected to just fade away. Now we know the game will be delisted later this year. This was as they announced on Twitter the game’s license was due to expire. However, we could still play Friday The 13th throughout 2024.

Friday The 13th To Give Jason A Final Farewell

This seems to be the case according to Pure Xbox. It seems the game is following the iconic Jason Voorhees and fights on. We know when the game was announced to be delisted it would be reduced in price. Now it seems that slashed price has brought the game some popularity. When Pure Xbox mentioned this news the game was doing rather well. It sat at number eight in the Top Paid Xbox charts in the US. In the UK it sits just outside the top twenty. Though we know this will be short-lived.

This is a shame as the game showed a lot of promise when it launched. I was one who had faith in it and backed it on Kickstarter. Though the blow of it ending will hopefully be softened next month. We have the Gun Media/Sumo release of Texas Chainsaw Massacre as well the horror hit Phasmophobia’s console debut

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