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It’s safe to say Forza Horizon 5 has done fairly well. In fact, since its launch, it’s seen over 10 million players take to the roads and hills of Mexico. Even when it had early access, close to one million were playing it. It’s no surprise as it’s a fantastic racer and positive addition to the Xbox and PC catalog.

However, Playground Games aren’t resting up. It seems they have more in the pipeline. And what is coming isn’t the details on the expansions though if history is to go by that shouldn’t be long now. In fact, the first expansion has normally been released in this time frame of the game’s release. This new content is more on the online side of Forza Horizon 5. And this is found in the patch notes.

How Playground Are Updating Online Racing

It seems the game is getting a new progression system. What the notes say is it’s been “updated with a new progression system including Badges which can be unlocked through gameplay”. They are also adding custom racing. This will allow you to find races for a specific class or race discipline.

But the next update doesn’t just improve the online side of Forza. We are getting various improvements to stability and performance. Some of the fixes to many may seem trivial but to fans, it shows an attention to detail and a sign they care. These include a fixed dent in the Jaguar XJS220s car, fixing of the 2014 VW Golf R brake calipers, and the roll cage issue on the 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4. This update hits on 29th March as well so stay tuned for an update. Hopefully, the next time we talk about the game it’s news of the first expansion which should be just around the corner. However for now we have a new online progression to work towards.

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