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For Xbox fans, the demand for Final Fantasy XIV has been a long long wait. It is one of the biggest, if not, THE biggest MMO out there. With an active, welcoming, and celebrated community on both PC and PlayStation. For years there have been talks of the game finally coming to the green machine, but after almost a decade it seemed almost impossible. Well earlier this year during a Final Fantasy Fanfest event, Final Fantasy director, Yoshi P, and Xboss and CEO of Microsoft Gaming, Phil Spencer, confirmed the game to be coming to Xbox. Now we also have the dates for the Final Fantasy XIV Xbox Beta Announced For 2024.

During that showcase, Phil Spencer and Square Enix CEO, Kiryu, mentioned the relationship in gaming. Bringing the MMO giant to the platform, was a confirmation of Square’s promise to bring all titles to the platform going forward. At the time they confirmed there will be a beta sometime next year.

Thanks to a tweet from the official Final Fantasy XIV Twitter account which can be seen below:

In the tweet, while there is not a lot of info it’s a simple and clear message. The Xbox community will be able to jump into an open beta for Final Fantasy XIV starting around mid-January to February. This could be a few weeks or a month, we don’t know yet. However, the time till this massive community grows again inches ever closer. So Xbox fans rejoice as your time to explore the world of Eorzea is coming.

Tell us what you think about the Final Fantasy XIV Xbox Beta coming soon. Will you be playing it or do you play on another platform, let us know in the comments below.

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