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Right now a certain show on Amazon has brought an iconic RPG series now in the hands of Bethesda to life. That show is Fallout and can be viewed in the US here and in the UK here. Though you don’t need to have played the games to enjoy the series and I recommend the show as well. Also since that show, the games have seen an unsurprising surge in popularity and also have been on sale. Amazon Prime gaming for a limited time has had Fallout 76 free for Xbox and PC owners. Details can be found here thanks to Polygon and you have until the 15th of May to grab your copy.

Fallout4 was recently upgraded for the new console generation of consoles. For those interested the details of that free upgrade can be found here. On Xbox, all available titles support 60 fps and we have four to choose from. The two newest are the fourth main entry and the spin-off featuring the story of Vault 76.

Fallout Today – What We Can Expect

In the fourth main entry, we can see gameplay early in the story captured on PlayStation 5. It still looks and plays well and for being nearly a decade old has held up well. You are the sole survivor of Vault 111 and you return to the world above which has been destroyed by nuclear war. You are trying to rebuild and reclaim the wasteland and find your son.

Fallout 4 on PS5
Fallout 4 captured on PlayStation 5

The game was going to get a huge mod based on London but due to the upgrade due on the 25th of April have had to delay the PC mod. Also according to that Gamespot article, we won’t see it appear on the console.

 “The mod is far too big. It’s currently standing around 30 to 40 gigabytes. It’s just not going to fit on the Xbox systems. I’m sorry, that’s the truth of it.”

Team FOLON on bringing the mod to console

Sadly on PlayStation 5, the Automatron expansion will crash the game upon launching it so hopefully this is fixed in the upgrade as well as the audio bug I encountered at the start. I had to pause the game and pause several times to progress to the start of the game. Then I had to restart the console to solve the audio issue.

For The Spin-Off Title

Let’s look at the story for Fallout 76. This is this multiplayer affair that suffered a troubled launch. I played the game in its B.E.T.A stage as well as launch and decided to give it a second chance after watching the Amazon show, Some gameplay can be seen above so you can maybe judge for yourself.

Fallout 76 on PS5
Fallout 76 captured on PlayStation 5

The game looks better than I remember it and also we see the introduction of NPCs and human players you can encounter are mostly very friendly and helpful. This is a much different experience from launch and right now it’s a much more pleasant experience. We don’t know if this will also see a native upgrade. It’s as we know free on Amazon for Xbox and PC so you won’t lose out on grabbing a copy and it’s a much improved more pleasurable experience. However, I feel the previous release even before its upgrade is a slightly better game.

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