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We have already seen a release date reveal and then suddenly a significant delay for the next Rainbow Six release. That is Extraction which was featured on the PlayStation Showcase.

That presentation showcased what the world of Extraction is about. And last week we got one of the operator trailers in Finka.

So Extraction has operators from Rainbow Six Siege?

So far Finka is one of 12 known operators. The trailer we saw at the PlayStation Showcase showed some more including Hibana, Ela, Sledge, and Smoke. Each of these operators has the same ability as they have in Siege. So fans of that will be familiar immediately with the options they bring to the table.
The named 12 operators are.

  • Gridlock
  • Nomad
  • Smoke
  • Ela
  • Sledge
  • Alibi
  • Lion
  • Vigil
  • Hibana
  • Doc
  • Finka
  • Pulse

However, one operator has had to have a modified form of ability.

Who is that and why were they changed?

The operator in question is Vigil. In Rainbow Six Siege he is a defensive operator. He has a cloaking device that renders him briefly invisible to enemy drones. You know he’s near as his cloaking tech shows distortion on the drone which only he causes. Naturally, an alien parasite won’t be using the drone tech we see at the disposal of attacking operators of Siege. So according to Ubisoft the ability now “disrupts enemies making him undetectable for a medium duration.”

Anything new for operators in Extraction we have not seen in Siege?

It seems we can now upgrade the ability. The PlayStation Blog has this to say.

The experience gained from successfully extracting from incursions advances their unique gadgets, weapons, and abilities in new and exciting ways.

Rainbow Six Siege offers no character upgrades. What you see when you get an operator is how it stays. The only time things change is when things like claymores get swapped for something else by Ubisoft. An example is Frost started with barbed fire and it got replaced with the new fixed camera.

If I like Siege will I enjoy this?

Ubisoft has said they are likely to have different audiences. Pvp is more the world of Siege where the world of Extraction is all about PvE. The games Creative director Patrik Méthé spoke to Gamespot.

They’re both very different games offering their own challenges and pacing so there’s no worry in that regard, quite the opposite in fact. The way [Extraction] is built in its PvE nature–we’re confident that it will appeal to a wide variety of players from both sides.

Didn’t they say the game used more operators from Siege+

We know 18 operators are going to be available from Siege. The official roster from Ubisoft has a question mark for 12. If you also look at the preorder page it says that “playing both games will grant you the cosmetic United Front bundle in each game and unlock the 18 Operators from Extraction in Siege!

So who are the missing 12?

We may not know until closer to the time. Ash could be possible as she’s the character resonator creating this new unit to counter the alien parasite. And it looks like we have to narrate the world trailer and see it in the helicopter at the beginning. At one point we see Sledge smash the wall with his trademark hammer and an unknown operator on a turret. Siege players will recognize the famous Siege lord as he’s known. So that appears to be Tachanka. Which if so, that’s different from hid current Siege setup. This is because they made him a more mobile character. There is also an unknown operator being rescued by Smoke.

We also have an operator putting down an explosive charge and that’s the gadget for Fuze but seemingly modified. The trailer also showed an operator who can see heat signatures through the wall. Pulse can detect heartbeats and Ubisoft say he can detect enemies through obstacles so maybe this is Pulse. Though IQ who can detect electronic gadgets through walls could have a modified ability to see the enemy.

When is it coming out?

According to the official trailer shown it’s out January 2022. However, as to when we don’t know.

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