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LV1 Gaming made its way to PAX West 2023 and had the opportunity to interview the developer behind Expedition Agartha. Developed by Matrioshka Games and Published by Wandering Wizard. This title takes the popular extraction shooter genre to a dark and mythical medieval setting.

This first-person looter survival game, features fun combat, a well-designed world, lore, crafting, and plenty of loot. Expedition Agartha is currently in early access on Steam and it is free-to-play. Also, there is an option to buy The Supporter Pack ($24.99) which includes cosmetic armor sets and other digital goodies.

The Supporter Pack includes:

  • Varangian Guard Armor set Cosmetic – Armor is worn by the elite personal guards of the Byzantine Emperor. Primarily composed of Norse Mercenaries, these hardened warriors lacked political compass and could be counted upon to commit violence upon the people.
  • Steel Pagoda Armor set Cosmetic – This is the outfit of powerful cavalry units worn by soldiers of the Middle Kingdom. Advanced materials provide protection and mobility, transforming a warrior into an unstoppable tower of death.
  • Astradhari Armor Set Cosmetic – Legends speak of the Astradhari, mythical warriors from a forgotten past. They wielded Astras, divine weapons created by the Gods, capable of destroying entire armies with one attack.
  • Permanently Increased Stash size
  • Grants 1500 Insight, used to unlock additional classes
  • Items Included in loot bags:
    • Steel Greatsword
    • Steel Gladius
    • Steel Kiteshield
    • Iron Spear
    • Iron Sword
    • Iron Mace
    • Arbalest Crossbow
    • Resources: 1 bag of bolts(32 standard bolts), 1 bag of food (10 Fish Stew and 10 Goat Stew), 1 bag of potions (10 healing vials), 1 bag of wood (20 wood), 1 bag of nails (20 nails), 1 bag of iron (20 refined iron), 1 bag of stone(20 refined stone),
    • Adventurer’s backpack
    • Expedition hauler

Check out our Expedition Agartha interview with Sidney from Wandering Wizard during PAX West 2023 below.

Two Other Wandering Wizard Titles at PAX West

West Hunt is a multiplayer social deduction game. Basically, this looks like a deadly game of cops and robbers. As a sheriff, your goal is to hunt down outlaws through investigation, and once you find them you kill them. But you fail if you kill a civilian. Now as an Outlaw, your goal is to avoid being caught and complete crimes while being hunted.

Survivor Mercs adds a cool twist to the bullet hell genre instead of weapons you command mercenaries. The mercs you command have different weapons and skills used to take out the hordes of enemies. Also, you have to extract your loot in this bullet hell roguelite title. Currently in early access on Steam where a demo is also available. You can go and wishlist both titles now.

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