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There is a big chance that my backlog of games will likely never end. One of the many reasons is my love for endless games. Most of them are not even MMOs, there was a major No Man’s Sky update that was announced today. More infinite space to never explore. Because I found a bubble planet that I want to spend the rest of my digital life on. How am I supposed to worry about the last three hours of Resident Evil 8 when I am waiting on Resident Evil 4 Remake to be installed? Let Google tell it I lack a thing called self-control, I say nay, variety is the spice of life.

Kenshi, No Man’s Sky, Mount, and Blade Bannerlord, and I can’t forget the FPS games I keep in rotation. The truly wild part about these games I just mentioned is I have not been playing any of them. I have been farming the same three Kemonos in Wild Heart (Much Love EA for sending me a code). Simply because I wanted to look like a super ninja while I chop off body parts to upgrade my weapons. So, now I have turned a game that clearly has an ending into an endless game. All because I will ignore the story and become deeply infatuated with farming for one specific item.

Turning Games With A Story Into Endless Journeys Should Be A Sin

The gameplay loop is addicting or maybe there is that one mechanic that I fell in love with (Massive Chalice’s Trait System). That causes me to get hooked on one thing for the moment and never let go until the next game grabs my attention.

Parenthood and other responsibilities have turned my gaming into a search for comfort games. Those so happen to be ones with no end-game credits to roll. It is so much easier for me to run a few rounds of conquest on Battlefield 2042 than it is to keep up with the story of a single-player experience. Don’t even ask me about how many hours I have in the item world of Disgaea 5. Compared to how much time I have invested into the story, you would think the item world is the main game.

I am all about solutions, not just complaints. So what can I do? Maybe I need to tie a string on my controller to remind me to go back and finish that game I started Creator knows when ago. Or don’t buy any new games until I beat one of the ones in my backlog.

Or I can go start my umpteenth empire in Bannerlord… I might have a problem but at least I am playing games.

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