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As you may recall, I shared a list of under-the-radar horror titles a few months ago. One of those titles, Dredge, is now available. The third game in the Ebola series is also worth mentioning. Moreover, the developer of that series is working on a new title. Thanks to Next Fest, we have another survival horror demo to share with you. So, let me take you on a journey and introduce you to the world of Ebola Village.

The game is set to come out later this year and the Steam listing states the following about the game. “A classic horror inspired by the original survival games of the 90s, EBOLA VILLAGE — is a modern take on a first-person adventure where the main character Maria investigates the mysterious events that took place in Russia. Maria is sitting in her apartment watching her favorite series, the transmission is interrupted, and a live broadcast about a biological threat begins. Maria goes to the village to visit her mother and her ex-husband Ruslan…and terrible things start to happen there…You have to understand the intricate history, and find out what happened, and who is involved in this”.

So for the game features, we have the following information from the Steam listing

Artfully crafted environments:

  • Explore gloomy locations
  • High-quality sound effects
  • Well-designed environment of the Russian village
  • It is possible to interact with many objects

Combat system:

  • Variety of weapons
  • Realistic enemy physics
  • The system of damage and dismemberment of the enemy
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • Unique bosses

The revival of the genre:

  • Treatment with Russian herbs
  • Puzzles in the style of the 90s
  • 3 difficulty levels to choose from
  • First person
  • Inventory Management
  • Chest inventory management

Ebola Village – What We Can Expect In The Full Game

So, while the game appears detailed, it may lack the polish of, say, the recent Resident Evil 4 remake. This will, however, be a much smaller project with a much smaller team. Nonetheless, the game looks great, thanks to some excellent lighting. Even so, the texture quality remains high in places, though foilage could be improved.

Combat works really well and is fairly smooth, though I did notice a frame drop in some of the more intense sections. Nothing major, and it had little impact on the overall experience. We also have full controller support, which works well with the game. Below is a short video of the game in action.

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