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It’s always nice to find a game extremely worth playing that you least expect. However today I have one to bring to your attention a much underrated gem. The name of the game is Dysmantle and I stumbled across it by accident as a free PlayStation Plus game. Furthermore, it is available on all consoles and PC so you should be able to play it. Though no doubt a lot of you are hearing about this game for the first time. So what can we tell you about the game by 10tons.


Dysmantle is set in a post-apocalyptic world and features RPG elements. However, it also offers a survival crafting experience. As the player you can dismantle pretty much every object you find. The more you level up and upgrade gear the more you can literally destroy. The world that remains is full of monsters and the further you progress the tougher the monsters faced. Additionally, it ties in with how you can upgrade your gear so you’re never underwhelmed. An example of the opening minutes of the game, captured on PlayStation 5 is shown below.

Now For The Dysmantle Game Features

The official website goes into more depth on the aspects of the game.

Tear The World Apart

Almost everything can be broken for materials with the right equipment. Dysmantle objects and collect the sweet nectar of the old world: plastics, rubber, and metals. Use the materials to invent and craft powerful new items and upgrades.

Explore The Ruins Of The Past

Explore the ruins of the past and discover technology from the hitech era. Gain technological advantage against the hostile environment.

Or go deeper and recover the ancient lost knowledge from the hidden tomb chambers of the old ones. Acquire materials with almost magic-like properties and use them to craft even more powerful gear.

There Be Monsters

You are not alone. The new world is occupied with peculiar forms of life because of CENSORED CENSORED. There are monsters. Avoid them. Fight them. Harvest their organs and use them to craft powerful new equipment.

Just beware of what lies in the far north on the ice-cold frozen lands of REDACTED. CENSORED CENSORED AND CENSORED.


Hunt REDACTED wild animals, or tame and capture them for your post-apocalyptic zoo.


Fish magnificent things lurking beneath the water. Find legendary fishing spots and catch fish thiiiiiis big.


Start your own post-apocalyptic farm. Grow things and reap the rewards as crops get ripe.

Conquer The Hand Crafted Open World

Explore and conquer the vast open world. Find perfect Campsites and expand them to Outposts to establish your presence. Claim abandoned houses and redecorate them to your taste. Explore your surroundings, gather precious materials, collect things, hunt for treasure, and solve mysterious puzzles. And eventually… When it’s time to say goodbye… Find the means of escaping the island.

Never Starve

You will not be fighting just to maintain the status quo. This IS NOT a game about starving. You won’t be constantly looking for a tasty cockroach to fill your over-metabolic stomach while waiting for the unavoidable bliss that is death. You will never die of hunger. You will get more powerful and unlock permanent upgrades. The world is a dangerous place, and you may take a few steps back once in a while, but eventually, you will thrive. And you will enjoy it.


So how have I found the game? Well, I have virtually played nothing else since I stumbled across this. I have come close to 60 hours of game time in the past week. Yes, the gameplay is repetitive but it also feels relaxing. However, I appreciate this game is not for everyone. Though if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription it is free on the Extra tier. Certainly, this game caught me by surprise, and will be looking into what the DLC offers. Furthermore, it adds to the weight, not all top games need to be AAA blockbusters. For example, Stardew Valley is another game I feel deserves more recognition. This game I feel is the same and it’s a thought shared elsewhere.

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