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Suncrash, the developers of Dream Engines: Nomad Cities has released their first major update. The Ruins update, which is immediately available to all alpha players, contains ancient ruins to find and exploit, as well as new content & mechanics.

Some of the main changes:

  • Ancient ruins can now be found in every map, and which can be scavenged or used to craft unique items. Every ruins has different random item choices, so every playthrough will be different.
  • A lot of interesting equipment was added that can only be found through ruins, such as weapons that deal damage in an area, city expansion kits, unique consumables, and several modules that can have significant effects on the steam-bot or the city.
  • A new resource “Glow Honey” has been added, and it is now used to produce fuel in a new building – The Cauldron.
  • Customizable difficulty settings, scoring, and an Ironman mode have been added.
  • Rail crossings and better control of which items are sent and when from storage buildings, so players can better balance their economy.
  • Tesla cells production lines using acid shards and a lot of power. Tesla cells are now used for many building and equipment upgrades.
  • A new materializer building that is expensive to build and maintain, but can produce resources such as bloodwood and featherstone without having to leave the city.

See the full update here:

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