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Fans of the iconic shooter franchise DOOM may be in for a good Summer. It has been a few years since we saw the franchise rebooted which was in 2018 and with Eternal a couple of years later. We have not spoken of the series for a few years either. Since then, we have heard various rumors and stories the next game was set to be called Year Zero and now Insider Gaming has potentially got the final official name for the next game in this legendary shooter. The new installment the article claims is set to be called DOOM: The Dark Ages.

What could we expect with DOOM: The Dark Ages? The same article claims they “heard of early details” of the next entry” in the series. Now the next part will be interesting as it’s said to take place in a medieval-inspired world. The article mentions the working title of Year Zero as well the Dark Ages leaked title. Signs do indicate a prequel could be on the cards.

The Rest Of The Info On DOOM: The Dark Ages

There is no official news as of yet meaning everything is all rumour. However, the Insider Gaming article mentions a trademark by Bethesda called IDKFA which they state is a “well-known cheat code in the series”. Before it got the name we are expecting to see IGN reported it was in the leaked Microsoft documents along with various other titles. So far we’ve only seen the full Indiana Jones reveal out of the games listed. With the upcoming showcase next month, we will undoubtedly find out more very soon. The game is also said to have been in development for four years as well. So could this be another Xbox first-party release for 2024? We can only wait and see if that happens.

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