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Hell on Heaven

Months after its announcement, Bethesda Softworks has finally released the first major story DLC. Going by the name of Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part One, this is only the beginning of a series of 3 expansions that will add to the already fulfilling experience that Doom Eternal has to offer. “Your mission is now your own. The legions of Hell have razed the heavens, threatening to expand their control across dimensions. Unleash your vengeance and battle back to the Maykr’s realm. Defeat powerful new threats, restore order to the heavens and unearth the corruption that has thrown the universe into chaos.” Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part One once again brings back the Doomslayer on his neverending quest of ripping and tearing. Firstly, we get treated to three brand new maps for the campaign: The Holt, UAC Atlantica, and Blod Swamps.
Doom Expansion Part One Maps
First DLC Maps for Doom Eternal
  This expansion also includes the Maykr Slayer Master Collection, which consists of a number of progressibles such as alternate skins, icons, player badges, a slick podium, and new podium animations. You also get access to three new support runes called Desperate Punch, Take Back, and Break Blast.
Maykr Collection
Mayrk Slayer Skin
Accompanying the release of Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part One, there will be a free base-game patch which will include a number of updates. These include updating Battlemode, a text and voice chat prohibition system, different bugs and fixes, as well as being able to invite other players to their game through platform interfaces. For further information regarding the update, you can read the full patch notes on their official site.    

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