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Recently, I was browsing YouTube for upcoming games, and it brought some really good-looking titles to my attention. During my search, I stumbled upon a game called Derelicts that caught my eye. Intrigued, I decided to browse the Steam store to learn more about it. However, despite its potential, it appears that the game has mostly slipped under the radar, as I don’t see much being said about it.

Derelicts is an open-world survival game that can be played solo or cooperatively. The game is being developed in Unreal Engine 5. So let’s look at some of the videos I’ve seen on the game courtesy of a YouTube channel called MathChief – The Best Of Gaming. Without these videos, the chances of me knowing about this upcoming title would have been slim. The first video here was posted back in 2021, the second video was posted in May of last year. We also have the official gameplay reveal below.

Quick Info About Derelicts

Looking at the official website the description states.

Years after an ancient and enigmatic mechanism flooded Earth with radiation, you and your team are tasked with investigating the source of the incident.

Build, craft and explore alone or with friends in this hostile, mysterious wasteland, using the power of electricity and water to survive

Derelicts is currently available to be wishlisted on Steam and the Epic game store now. The game was inspired by some good titles as well. Some we’ve recently talked about such as The Forest and STALKER. Steam gives a detailed description as well and the game features.

After crashing on Earth with a space shuttle, you and your friends have to start from scratch. Explore and build a base, then defend it against mutated animals and humans. Find the origin of the defense mechanism that triggered a wave of radiations on Earth, forcing the most privileged part of mankind to go and live on space stations.

Key Features

  • Chop down trees, find metals and gather resources to build a cozy base to defend yourself from mutated wildlife.
  • Use the power of wind, sun and water to generate electricity and power up your base by building water wheels, wind turbines and solar panels.
  • Brace yourself for weather changes that will affect your electricity production (frozen rivers stopping your water wheels, night affecting your solar panel production…).
  • Build wooden gutters and use the water pumps & pipes to transport wood logs to your sawmills, automating your system to make planks.
  • Explore the world and find new recipes to make new tools and build parts that will allow you to progress further.
  • Be ready for thunderstorms, blizzards and other forces of nature affecting your daily life.
  • Find a dog companion to join you in this survival hell and help you fight.

The developer recently posted an update on Steam, along with some new screenshots. Seeing the game’s high quality, it’s difficult to imagine that it was created by just one person. Would this game pique your interest? Have you heard of it before, or is this your first time hearing about Derelicts? We always appreciate your opinions and welcome you to share them with us. Please feel free to get in touch and share your thoughts.

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