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Just like with Tchia and the trophy list appearing ahead of launch, we have another title with PlayStation trophies available. This title is a multi-platform title so it’s reasonable to assume the Xbox achievement list would follow suit. This time the game in question is the eagerly awaited sequel to a popular Techland game and long-delayed title Dead Island 2.

After years of development hell and delays and many assuming Dead Island 2 would never appear, we are now days away from release. So we get to experience the zombie slaughter fest on the 21st of April. We know from the game’s art director Adam Olsson the game is about twenty hours long. Though from the trophy list, if you’re going for the platinum / 1000g, expect that run time to increase.

What The Dead Island 2 Trophy List Reveals

This is thanks to True Trophies who posted the game’s full trophy list. For one you will need a friend to help you as we see from the trophy called “Slayer Squad”. So we have to get this trophy we need to do not one but five co-op quests. We also have to complete ten, twenty, and forty side quests. That will no doubt increase that run time as well. The “Donk!” trophy should see some interesting kills as to achieve that the job is to “throw a melee weapon and hit a zombie 35+ meters away”.

So after a long wait, we have a decent amount to do to achieve 100$ on the zombie-tastic sequel.

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