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Games have featured some interesting cameo appearances, such as the Terminator in Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Fortnite, and Din Djarin, also known as the Mandalorian, in various games with the Child (or Grogu). In Ghost Recon Wildlands, players could encounter the Predator, and Call of Duty has seen the likes of John McClane, Rambo, and soccer stars Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Paul Pogba. Now, Shredder, the head of the Foot Clan, is being introduced to the game. One unexpected addition is David Hasselhoff, who appears in the ultimate edition of Kung Fury Street Rage as a playable character. Although some fans had hoped to see him as Michael Knight from his earlier days in Knight Rider, the game is actually based on the movie Kung Fury. The ultimate edition includes a new adventure called A Day At The Beach, which pays homage to Hasselhoff’s Baywatch days. Check out the new trailer for the game following the recent Kung Fury Street Rage trailer.

David Hasselhoff And Kung Fury – A Match Made In……Heaven?

Playing as the Hoff relying on his musical ability is a rather unique addition to a beat ’em up. For most of the world, he’s known for acting though he did sort of have a musical career in Europe. Add to the game some “nice chest hair”, we know this a game not taking itself too seriously. Those this make you want to grab a copy or avoid it? As the Hoff said, it’s on a platform near you. It really is as it’s on all consoles and PC.

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