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The troubles at Ubisoft are no big secret, recently major news has involved the company. Following this Yves Guillemot the CEO at Ubisoft made waves and now employees at Ubisoft are urged to strike. So, to say things are messy in the company isn’t an exaggeration. One of the canceled games was a free-to-play Battle Royale title, based on a popular Tom Clancy franchise. This being the Ghost Recon series and Frontline. Even the announcement of that didn’t sit well with fans, and now the game has been shelved.

The last two games in the Ghost Recon series were a slight departure from games like Future Solider. First, we had Wildlands in 2017 and a sequel of sorts in 2019 which was Breakpoint. Breakpoint did have its critics at launch, one reason being the loot system. I played through both to completion and personally enjoyed both. So where does the franchise sit now with Frontline being canceled?

The Future Of Ghost Recon

For many, they seem thankful it isn’t with a Battle Royale title. So when will we see a new game and will it be more linear like Future Solider or Advanced Warfighter or the open world approach like the past two games? Though we did hear something about a projected release date. Tom Henderson was talking about the Motorsports Games employee threatening to leak source code over unpaid salaries story. In this, he got asked about the reports of a new Ghost Recon this year.

So it seems a return to a popular franchise is clearly some way off. There is a chance we’ll see a new Splinter Cell entry before this Tom Clancy game. Hopefully, the situation improves at Ubisoft as we have potentially some fantastic upcoming games on the way. Games like Avatar Frontiers of Pandora and their Star Wars game. We also have an interesting future for the Assassin’s Creed series to come.

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