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Control was the next release by Remedy Entertainment. When it launched it was a title I was impressed with it, both on a performance level for the hardware it was on and the visuals. Soon after they took the game and with an upgraded game engine gave it a facelift. Control Ultimate Edition took a game that was achieving a lot and gave a performance option or option to have ray tracing.

Ray tracing is fairly new on the console but has been on PC for a little while longer. We’ve seen games on consoles pale significantly behind the PC. An example is Deliver us the Moon. I ran that on a laptop with an RTX card and the PlayStation 5 version is miles behind. Yes, it upgraded the PlayStation 4 version but I expected more. Not all games also benefit from Ray tracing. With Control we see a different level of quality and one which improves the game.

Control And Ray Tracing

The first example here is where we have Jesse next to a window to an office. In Performance mode, we see no reflection in the glass pane. Turning on ray tracing we can see her reflection in the background.

We also see the same effect in glass in a picture frame.

These next examples show how we can have reflective detail on the floor. With Ray tracing off it’s not quite real and relying on screen based reflections. Turn on ray tracing we see objects reflecting or light being reflected.

You may even more striking changes with say an RTX 4080. However factor in how little changed in Deliver us the Moon it’s impressive. We see the implementation of the technology in Spider-Man it works well. I would say Control works well. All footage here was captured on an Xbox Series X as well.

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