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Console wars have been an integral part of the video game industry for decades. It is a battleground where two or more console manufacturers compete fiercely for market share, releasing new consoles with improved hardware, exclusive games, and aggressive marketing campaigns. This competition fuels the passion of fans, who defend their console choices with unwavering loyalty. However, console wars have also become an unexpected gold mine for journalists, YouTubers, and others who are not typically part of the gaming space. By this I mean those who engage on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms. Let’s explore why console wars have transformed into a lucrative opportunity for these content creators and how they take advantage of the fervor to generate substantial revenue.

The Inherent Controversy of Console Wars

Now, let’s keep it all the way real here. Conflict is what makes console wars so popular. Strong disagreements and spirited conversations are sparked by people’s unshakable loyalty to their favorite systems. Fortunately for those trying to make money, it’s very simple to “trigger” someone who has dug in on whichever side their preferred platform lay on. This particular debate offers a variety of interesting content that encourages clicks and shares for the journalists, YouTubers, and even former game developers we are talking about. Console Wars attract a consistent stream of spectators thanks to their emotionally charged nature, which raises the possibility of ad money.

There are three sides to the console war coin for those looking to capitalize.

  • Neutral Side: These are those who truly do not care about whoever they are looking to upset. These people just enjoy the fun that comes behind laughing at those who are upset. Watching them run circles to defend a million-dollar company is what brings them to the party.
  • Defending Side: These are those who are ready to go to war to defend the honor of their favorite platform. This is nothing new as it’s a staple in many sports. So the “why” is understandable in that sense, but the problem lies within these people ready to make personal attacks. We have seen too many times where Doxing and other things have taken place.
  • Offensive Side: These are those whose platform probably was not even mentioned. But the console they are “against” is being attacked so they pile on. These people will love whoever is talking bad about the opposite console regardless of that person. Put aside is who that person is, what they have done, what their values are. This person is automatically okay with them because they are talking negatively about the other side.

The Ever-Present Timeliness of Console Wars

Console wars are an ongoing saga, always evolving with the release of new consoles and exclusive games. This perpetual state of competition ensures that there is always something to cover and discuss. “Grifters” capitalize on this constant flux to keep their viewers hooked. By providing timely updates, analysis, and opinions on the latest console releases, they generate buzz and maintain an active audience base, leading to increased revenue.

How Journalists and YouTubers Capitalize on Console Wars

  1. Creating List and Comparison Content: Journalists and YouTubers capitalize on the allure of console wars by producing engaging comparison content. Listicles, top 10 videos, and side-by-side analyses of different consoles attract a wide audience eager to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of each platform. By delivering insights and fostering discussions, content creators can drive traffic to their platforms and increase revenue potential.
  2. Covering Exclusive Games and Console Releases: Console wars often coincide with the release of exclusive games and new console models. Journalists and YouTubers leverage this timing to provide comprehensive coverage, including reviews and gameplay analysis. By tapping into the excitement and curiosity of viewers, these creators attract passionate fans and establish relationships with console manufacturers, opening doors to sponsorships and brand collaborations.
  3. Provoking Controversy: Some journalists and YouTubers adopt a controversial approach to console wars, intentionally stirring up strong reactions from fans. While this strategy can generate high engagement levels, it should be used with caution. Content creators must strike a balance between generating attention and maintaining credibility. Controversial content can attract views and clicks, but it’s important to handle sensitive topics responsibly to avoid potential backlash.

Those who are considered “grifters” of the console war are not always shielded from those who are a part of this “war” daily. One thing to note is that console warriors are not blind to this. It can be easy for some to point out who is just there to capitalize. Unfortunately, calling out who you believe is costly as others are ready to lie down and defend them just as they would their favorite platform.

Views expressed, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text of this tweet belong solely to the author, and not representative of LV1 Gaming.

Console wars have become a lucrative opportunity for journalists and YouTubers outside the “crumbside” gaming space. The inherent controversy, timeliness, and accessibility of console wars make them a fertile ground for content creation. By producing comparison content and adopting a controversial approach, journalists and YouTubers can tap into the passionate fan bases and generate substantial revenue through increased viewership. For content creators seeking to capitalize on the console wars phenomenon, strategic and responsible engagement can unlock the doors to success in this ever-evolving industry.

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