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Developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is an iconic first-person shooter. For those who have been living under a gaming rock for the past ever. This entry is the 19th game in the main Call of Duty series and a sequel to the 2019 reboot. Release dates for the PlayStation consoles, PC, and Xbox consoles were on October 28, 2022. Now moving to the important topic of DMZ.

DMZ is a new game mode that perfectly blends Escape from Tarkov and Call of Duty. Personally, I do not own the full copy of COD MW2 yet. But, I have spent plenty of hours playing this mode which is free to play. Also the XP and guns you rank up will transfer over to other game modes while in DMZ. Back to the point, DMZ drops up to squads of three on a large map filled with objectives, enemy NPCs, and other real players. It’s a PVE vs PVP situation mixed in with optional missions. Now completing missions and fighting other players is not the only factor. Ultimately you will need to get extracted out of the area before the radiation cloud covers the whole map.

DMZ Needs An Item Storage


So if you successfully extract out of the area with items you get XP, and the ability to keep up to three weapons to stash. The stash is for your current backpack, keys, up to ten weapons, a gas mask, a self-revive kit, an armor plate vest, and that’s it (for the most part). You can store up to ten guns and once unlocked through playing, three insurable weapons. The powers that be should add a small 5 to 10-item cache for vests, backpacks, gas masks, and self revives kits.

I understand all of these things can be found on the map. But so can weapons and there is storage for them. With the randomness of the spawn points of not only your squad but items overall. A small storage where you can keep 5 to 10 of the “On Soldier” items would be a positive for the new game mode. Because after being wiped your next round of DMZ may spawn you next to a Stronghold filled with heavily armored enemies.

For the time being, DMZ is in BETA, so perhaps this is planned. And if it isn’t, I’d ask that any developer on the team who happens to be perusing this article, give this feature some serious thought.

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