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When it comes to video game adaptations, they are very hit or miss. And honestly, they are more often then not a miss. However, Castlevania changed all that when the anime debuted back in 2017. Highly praised for its breathtaking animation and its story writing. That anime was praised as the best video game adaptation of everyone’s favorite vampire-hunting family, The Belmonts, in their war against Dracula. Now the newest season Castlevania Nocturne brings more of that vampire-hunting goodness to Netflix.

For those who have yet to watch the first four seasons of the show, it is highly recommended. Not just because it’s a masterpiece in every sense of the word. But also because it helps to provide some very nice history about the Belmonts’ long-running feud with the lord of the Night. The first seasons followed Trevor Belmont as he fought to reclaim the Belmont family vault and their knowledge from centuries of monster hunting.

The newest series acts more as a spin-off, following the descendant of Trevor and his Love interest Sypha. It will follow the most famous of all the Belmonts and a gaming icon, Richter Belmont, during the French Revolution.

There is so much to be excited about if they are able to maintain the same level of storytelling as the original series. But more importantly, to watch one of the gaming bad boys animated is exciting. So tell us have you watched the Castlevania anime series? Are you looking for Castlevania Nocturne to bring more vampire goodness to Netflix, let us know down below.

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