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For some, the question of our favorite games is an easy one for others, it can prove a tricky topic. Personally, I find it mostly a tough question, but there are some notable exceptions. After just over four decades of gaming, you may sort of understand why this is so difficult. I have experienced a huge library of games over that time period.

Because I had to consider over forty years of gaming, this list will not be in chronological order and will omit many names of games from my gaming career.

The Wild Bunch

This game was a 1984 release for the ZX Spectrum and the Amstrad. I played this a year or two after the launch on the Amstrad 464. It’s a text-based adventure game where you have to prove yourself innocent of a murder charge and find the real killer, a member of the Wild Bunch gang. Even though it’s been easily thirty years or more since I last played it, the time spent playing it meant it left a lasting impression and one reason I always found the American West interesting

It Came From The Desert

This was a Cineware title from 1989 and was very much inspired by the giant creature films of the 1950s. One of my favorite films is the 1954 film about giant ants, which heavily influenced this game. If you wish to see a long play of the game, that can be found here. I played this and the Antheads expansion on the Amiga. The music I still remember all these years later.

Delta Force 2

Delta Force was a tactical first-person shooter that launched in 1999 for the PC. The series was by Novalogic, which you can still purchase on Steam today. The most popular aspect was multiplayer. I spent hours playing this with friends in gaming sessions, and we used to take over a friend’s conservatory and play for hours. With a map creator as part of the game, no session was ever the same and maps could be created in a very short space of time.

Microprose Golf

I love my sports games, and it’s normally football or soccer that draw my attention, though golf is another sport I enjoy. The sport has had many video game adaptations over the years with Links, PGA, and The Golf Club, but Micropose Golf was one of the most realistic in regards to approaching a golfer and could easily go horribly wrong, and you had to think more. It’s also the golf game that I put the most time into over the years.

Half-Life 2

Released six years after the original, Half-Life 2 was launched for gamers in 2004. I still remember waiting for the game to come out. A solid story in games is something that always draws me in, and I have always loved the first-person shooter genre. This is a game that needs no introduction. Maybe one-day Valve will make a full return to the story of Gordon Freeman.

Vampire: The Masquerade Redemption

If you’ve been following us recently, then you may have seen this game crop up. Vampire: The Masquerade started life as a tabletop RPG which is outsold only by Dungeons & Dragons. The franchise consists of a few games. We have seen Bloodlines, and we still await news of what is happening with Bloodlines 2 there has also been Swansong. The Masquerade, on the other hand, is my favorite title. It’s currently seeing a remake in the form of a Skyrim mod called Vampire: The Masquerade Redemption Reawakened.

Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice

Ninja Theory gave us a very unique game a few years ago that really pushed boundaries, and we are awaiting a release date for the sequel. The original game is an action-adventure where Senua suffers from psychosis. What caught my eye was not how well the game plays and looks, but the use of binaural audio. The game plays best with a stereo headset. They used stories and information from people with psychosis as well as medical experts to shape the way it affects Senua. Melina Juergen who played Senua was actually the video editor on the game and usually avoided acting roles

Red Dead Redemption

The story of John Marston is one of my favorites. Much like the prequel/sequel released in 2018, I will go back more often than not to play the 2010 original more. I’ve spent the most time on the online part of the game, and I’m still playing it over a decade later. The expansion, Undead Nightmare, is equally high quality. Nothing against the amazing Red Dead Redemption 2, as I think that’s one of the best games out there today. I just love its predecessor a touch more.

The Last of Us

This is a franchise that the media and advertising are all over at the moment. That is due to the HBO TV series launching in just over a week’s time. That will be on January 15 for those in the United States and here in the UK, we get it via Sky Atlantic a day later. The original game was released on the PlayStation 3 in 2013, followed by a remaster on the PlayStation 4 the following year. The sequel followed in 2020. The original game was remade for PlayStation 5 and launched late last year, with the PC release a few weeks away in March. The game is one I play easily two to three times a year and maybe my all-time favorite, but it’s still a hard decision for me.

Deciding The Number One In My List of Favourite Games And Why It’s Impossible.

There are so many games I could have added to my personal list of favorite games. Earlier on, it seemed like the choices for me were more varied. In 1992, Core Design released a racing game simply called Jaguar Xj220, which my friends and I sunk hours into. There was the submarine simulation game “Silent Service” and its sequel that I fell in love with back in the day. 1988 gave me ATF advanced tactical fighter. In the early 1990s, Gremlin Interactive gave me HeroQuest and Space Crusade.

Other notable absences are Resident Evil and the sequel, as well as the original Resident Evil 4. The original Silent Hill 2 and Tomb Raider 2. The Championship Manager/ Football Manager series by So games as well as the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games. With so many options, even making a detailed list became impossible. No doubt the order may change in say a few months’ time. There are games that I don’t play now, mostly because I want to keep the memories of playing with my dad. So games like the original Space Invaders or Pong fall into this category. Games like Pac-Man and Harrier Attack also hold special memories. What about you? What’s your favorite game or games? Let me know in the comments section below.

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