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In case you missed it, the expansion for Horizon Forbidden West is now available. The name of the expansion is Burning Shores and unlike the base game is only available for PlayStation 5. We mentioned this when we told you about one of the new machines found in the expansion. Now the expansion is available I’ve had a chance to see for myself why and put the new content through its paces

The west coast is the location now with Aloy moving even further across the country. So with Burning Shores, we get a glimpse of a post-apocalyptic feel for Los Angeles as we see the future of California. LA is a popular location at present with Dead Island 2 bringing the apocalypse to LA with its zombie offering. So how does the continuation of Aloy’s journey feel? Why not find out?

Burning Shores – The Game Play

As we see it’s still basically the same game, though now I noticed some subtle changes. We know they worked on new clouds for the expansion and we see a brief example when Aloy is on her Sunwing. Not only that we see much more realistic particle effects such as steam rising from the water and the world under the water looks crisper. The lighting is much improved and some textures are containing more detail. If you look at each change individually then we see subtle changes. However, it’s the sum of the parts where it shines. The game still feels really smooth to play and the difficulty has increased slightly.

So for fans of the series, we have positive news. The expansion is very much an upgrade on the base game in terms of visuals and performance. We have a decent size map which is about a third of the main map in Forbidden West so there will be plenty to do. A further look at the game can be seen below.

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