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Fans of the Horizon franchise may find this news interesting. Fans of the games are no doubt finished up or near finished on the campaign of the latest tale of Aloy’s journey in Horizon Forbidden West which was the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. I have played through both and the expansion of the first game Frozen Wilds. Also, I have no hesitation in recommending them. We also await the first expansion to Forbidden West in Burning Shores.

In case you missed it, Burning Shores is available to pre-order ahead of its release next month. We are about three weeks away at the time of writing from its April 19th release. The expansion however won’t be available on PlayStation 4. One reason is the new technology used in cloud development as detailed in the PlayStation Blog.

What Else For The Burning Shores

We know Aloy takes her journey into what’s left of Los Angeles. Now today Guerilla Games tweeted something else to expect which can be seen below.

So we can see we meet a new machine. Though also saw a similar happen in the Frozen Wilds. This time the new machine is the Water wing. They tell us that “the Waterwing is a medium-sized flying machine that can dive deep underwater. It is highly maneuverable and, when disturbed, is an unrelenting foe”. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to diving into this expansion next month.

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