Burger King PlayStation 5 Promotion Possibly Teased

Buying a Whopper may land you a shiny brand new PS5. Per a tweet released by the official Burger King twitter handle, there may be a partnership in the works. While looking into a bag the Burger King mascot reveals what seems to be the PlayStation 5 boot-up sound. This could be nothing, but it could also mean a Burger King Playstation 5 promotion.

If this is true this may work just how it works to win an Xbox Series X from Taco Bell. Buy a particular item from the store, that item has a code, & you will text in that code for a chance to win. If this is what’s to bring what do you guys think of this Burger King PlayStation 5 Promotion. How may whoppers are you willing to eat to game on the upcoming next-gen device? Let us know in the comments.

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