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It’s safe to say there has been a lot of news from Bandai about their new card game, Battle Spirits Saga lately. Between the starting launch lineup of products and our early general overview of the game. However, the news does not stop as they now released early views of their next starter deck. Along with the new Starter deck, it introduces their next core color into the game as BSS goes green!

With their official full release literally days away, you would think that we wouldn’t be hearing about what’s coming after. As Bandai already gave us a timeline of the year of content, tournaments, and release time frames for each set.

With the launch only a few days away at the time of writing; it is crazy to think about what’s coming after. On the official Battle Spirits Saga website, there is a blog post noting the introduction of the next starter deck. Alongside the next starter deck, they also revealed the next expansion set as well.

So with starter deck number 5, it will introduce the green color cards into the game. Its name will be Verdant Wings. As well as they also showed the next booster pack expansion set which will be titled False Gods.

Now while we have art for the new expansion and the next starter deck, we don’t have anything further. We do not have any cards yet revealed in the official database. Let alone what to expect in the deck itself. Now that may be simply due to the fact it still isn’t set for another 3 months. Yet still we at least know what to expect for the next major release and season.

Championship Promos

Along with these new reveals on the official site, the BSS socials were popping up with the promos to expect in the Store Championships. The promos revealed were for both participating and winning the championship. However, the promos for participating are very nice additions to the deck. While the winner’s set acts as a set of Alternate rares of the starter deck leaders.

As you can see the promotion and plans for Battle Spirits Saga, is very strong with its promo. With more to already look forward to as we wait for the 6th and final starter deck and color with blue. However, for now, it’s great to see what will be around the corner. For the time being, we’ll focus on the first 4 colors to launch before BSS goes green with its 5th later this year.

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