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Recently I talked about Bandai’s newest upcoming trading card game, Battle Spirits Saga. There I broke down what Battles Spirits Saga, or BSS, is all about. Now that we have an understanding of what the game is and a bit about the world. Moreover, I went a bit over the flow of play. Now we need to know when the official launch will be and what products will be available. Luckily Bandai revealed the upcoming BSS product launch lineup, as well as some promotions going on.

Starter Decks

So first off potential summoners, will want to know what is what products will be available. To start off there will be 4 starter decks. Each deck is built around one of the realms and its core colors. All starter decks will have an MSRP of $14.99 an average price for most TCGs. Along with that, they will have 50 cards, the minimum requirement for a deck, as well as a set of cores.

First, we have the Red deck, Dragon Onslaught, boasting a very attack-heavy build. Second, we have the Purple deck, Call of the Curse, focused on destroying spirits directly and removing cores. Third, we have the White deck, Aegis of the Machine, focused on having an iron wall of defense. Lastly, we have the Yellow deck, Forbidden Magic, with a focus on strategic magic usage.

Booster Boxes

Now along with these starter decks, there will be the first set of booster cards and expansions. This first set is called Dawn of History. This expansion set will mark the beginning of the BSS expansion cycle and launch for the entirety of the game. Like most games, you can buy individual booster packs, or you can buy a booster box. One pack contains 12 cards, while a box holds 24 packs. As a bonus in each box, there are special silver foil cards, that are only available if you open the box. With 4 types to fit each color deck.

As well as during the month of May Bandai is doing another promotion. If you purchase two booster boxes, they are giving away special Tamogatchi collaboration cards. Which includes 2 special Tamagotchi cards to add to your deck. Now booster packs are at an MSRP of $4.99 while the boxes do not have a price yet. Going on average they could be about $100 to a full $120 the cost of all the packs included. So this will vary by location.


Now there will be a few additions alongside the booster packs and boxes. First, there will be a core expansion set. In this set, it provides 2 booster packs, a set of additional cores, 15 cores and 1 Soul Core, and 2 promo cards. The promo cards seem to be set to one specific card and don’t have any other types and will have an MSRP of $9.99.

Alongside the core set there will be the expansion set. Now the expansion includes 3 booster packs, as well as 9 promo cards. So you will have quite a lot of extras of the promo cards. However, there are two things about the expansion set. First, it is set to release in June, well after the launch of everything else. Secondly, it currently has no information about the promo cards included. It could be the same as in the core set or could be entirely different and it will have an MSRP of $19.99.

Yearly Event & Future Releases

Bandai also announced the entire season of content. They gave a timeline of this season’s tournaments for the entire year. It goes until March of next year, outlining all the local store tournaments all year. As well as the months when there are grand open tournaments, which will lead into their Pro tournaments to lead up to their World Championship event. On the calendar, we get an early look at when future expansions will be coming out. Roughly about every three months or so, with April, being the first set. And the second will be premiering at some point in July.

Each release coincides with their tournament seasons, which take a break for a month. Allowing the new expansions to be in the wild and make their way into the meta. This allows players to basically jump in at any point, so it opens up a lot of possibilities for newcomers.

So it seems that right now off the jump Bandai has major plans with their BSS product launch lineup. This also includes a roadmap for expected timelines for the new sets as well. Now the biggest thing is when the cards will officially launch.

Battle Spirits Saga will officially launch on April 28th. Some stores are even partaking in the Launch Tournaments that Bandai is running promotions for as well, with special event cards, and core holders for players and winners. So check out the info for more on the official BSS website to find local shops near you.


With a very packed BSS product launch alongside a clear roadmap for the year; fans of the new card game will have a clear idea of what’s in store. I know I, myself, am very excited about the tournaments planned. But the upcoming expansions that will be coming down the line also are an enticing thought.

Let us know if are you planning to jump into the game at launch, or going to be checking out early thoughts. Do you all wanna see more coverage from local or live events, let us know in the comments below!

-Jess (Bloodieknux)

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