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The upcoming title Broken Roads is being developed by Drop Bear Bytes. The game’s official website if you’re eager to know more can be found here. It’s also being published by Versus Evil, who are publishing another game we’ve covered in Stray Souls.

So what do we know about Broken Roads? Well, the official site says, “narrative-driven RPG for PC and console”. You can wishlist it for PC now as it’s on the Epic Store and Steam. As for consoles, we can confirm PlayStation will be getting it as it’s available to wishlist on the PlayStation store. However, it doesn’t specify if PlayStation 4 will be getting it or not. If we go back to the website we see the following detailed description.

Bringing exploration, strategic turn-based combat and meaningful philosophical choices to an all-new Australian post-apocalyptic setting.

Broken Roads was born of a love for traditional isometric computer role-playing, and will provide a rich, engaging narrative in which players make their way across a desolated Australia.

Blending together traditional and all-new role-playing elements on top of a classless system offering near-unlimited character development options, Broken Roads presents players with an original morality system: the Moral Compass. This novel design sees dialogue options and questing decisions influence, and be influenced by, a character’s philosophical leaning.

Broken Roads Features

  • All-new post-apocalyptic setting
  • Unique morality system influencing dialogue, quests, and character development
  • Authentic Australian locations and environments
  • Blend of traditional and original RPG mechanics
  • Up to 5 party members
  • Turn-based tactical combat
  • Hand-drawn artwork
  • A content-rich and densely-crafted world

Anything Else To Say About Broken Roads

Well, The Gamer really praised it in a preview. They claimed that “the first hour of Broken Roads is up there with Disco Elysium, Fallout, and even Baldur’s Gate”. That’s extremely high praise indeed. Being compared to some of the most loved games in the genre is a good start. So why not show you something from the game itself? A member of the developer has given a little bit more insight in the trailer below.

Broken Roads is due this year and we know it’s PC and PlayStation bound. The official website also tells us of a Nintendo Switch release as well as an Xbox.

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