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Bloodborne sits among the list of titles, many gamers would love to revisit with higher framerate. Ever since Sony detailed its plans for backwards compatibility, many anticipated revisiting the classic. Unfortunately, with reviews of the PS5 out in the wild, it seems Bloodborne won’t take advantage of the new hardware. Reviews have dropped left and right today. Among reviews, we’ve learned more about the launch games, the Dualsense, and backwards compatibility. In terms of the latter, we’ve seen some of Sony’s first-party games utilize the new hardware. Games like God of War, Days Gone and Ghost of Tsushima, have all received 60 fps patches. On the other hand, Bloodborne is still plagued with a locked 30fps, even despite the PS5’s horsepower. Now, the reason for this, looks as if the developers haven’t updated the game themselves. Sadly enough, the PS4 classic was designed to lock the frame rate at 30. So, despite the power behind the PlayStation 5, the system can’t boost past what the game allows for. Information comes to us from the Dark Souls aficionado, Lance McDonald, Seemingly, FromSoftware would need to update the game with a patch that would unlock the games frame rate. Any chance of this happening, at least for the time being, looks rather slim. FromSoftware has plenty on their plate at the moment, so maybe an update just isn’t a priority. Especially with Elden Ring on the horizon, a game we’ve yet to hear an update on in some time. There’s a possibility of Sony Japan Studio could take the reigns to update the game themselves but even that looks slim. Now, a remaster for Bloodborne on PS5 with a doubled framerate, seems more plausible. Regardless, a supped-up version that unlocks the frame rate sounds incredible, it’s just unfortunate this won’t be available with the copy you already own.

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