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We have been introduced to the System Shock universe with the upcoming remake. Though not known by many the franchise has a spiritual successor. They also share the same universe with the walking simulator Gone Home. The other franchise involved believe it or not is Bioshock. The first-person shooter launched just over fifteen years ago before seeing a remaster a few years later.

That’s not all the Bioshock franchise has. Netflix has announced they are bringing the world of Rapture to a live-screen release. This adaptation will be in the form of a film. Michael Green is said to be the screenwriter. He has credits which include Logan. Francis Lawrence will be directing the film. The story on the games is potentially an excellent choice for a film. Though this made me think. What about the future of the games?

Where Next For Bioshock

We’ve seen a stunning take on horror with The Callisto Protocol. The game we know is stunning visually. We’ve also seen remakes of Dead Space and Resident Evil 4 which are visually far superior to their original releases. So would the idea of remaking Bioshock work? We’ve seen The Last of Us remade and improved to give what was said to the best version of the game. This was before the recent HBO series. I think the fact it’s loved and a live-action film adaptation coming is good reasons to remake.

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