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LV1 Gaming had the opportunity to watch a hands-on demo at Summer Game Fest Play Days of the upcoming cozy co-op sandbox survival game Aloft. Flying is a superpower I have always wished for and Astrolabe Interactive Inc. created a game where that is the core mechanic. First off thank you to the Funcom team who are publishers of Aloft for inviting us and making us feel so welcome.

Aloft is a survival game that takes place in a world made up of sky islands. Along your journey, you will find past knowledge that will teach you how to thrive in this airborne environment. The world is not procedurally generated each island is hand-crafted and there are a ton to explore, terraform, and even convert into skyships. Traversal from island to island is where this game shines and what initially caught my attention.

Provided by Funcom

You can fly using a combination of weather and a glider tool that will keep you in the sky for as long as you like. Yes, there are no limits to how long you can fly around. Even though this is a survival sandbox title the cozy elements shine bright with the lack of a depleting stamina gauge that is usually a staple in the genre.

The Sky Provides In Aloft

Resources, food, animals to raise, and an environment-destroying fungus are all within flying distance. Like any good survival crafting game, there is also a base-building component in Aloft. But instead of just setting up a cool place to sleep. You will be crafting a mobile skyship that harnesses the power of the wind. A helm, sails, and rudder will allow you to take your home with you while you adventure.

The Sky Islands ecosystems are affected by your actions on the islands. If you overharvest the resources in one area without replanting tree saplings it will be thrown out of balance. While watching the demo and listening to the explanation of the game, the care for the environment is a large part of the gameplay loop. That creates an immersive experience where you have a direct impact on the game that is measurable.

Images Provided By Funcom

Clearing Out The Fungus

The main enemy you’ll face throughout the game is an island-corrupting fungus. It produces mushroom monsters that will try to stop you from clearing the corruption and bringing balance back to the ecosystem. Now any tool you have will be usable as a weapon. But there are true weapons such as swords and bows that you can use. When using tools or weapons there is a combo mechanic where timing is key. A meter appears, and attacking at the appropriate time allows you to gather resources or attack faster and stronger. After clearing fungal nodes you’ll gain access to new abilities as well.

This appears to be a true sandbox experience, with creativity at its foundation. You can fly around until you find the ideal island to spend the remainder of your digital existence. Alternatively, you can become a fungal-destroying archeologist. The sky is not only the limit, but the majority of the world in Aloft. And if you enjoy the idea of a cozy 8-player co-op sandbox experience, be sure to wishlist this game on Steam and try out the free demo, which is currently available until June 17th.

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