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In space, no one can hear you scream. A famous line from the poster from Alien. It’s a franchise that has recently seen video game entries with Isolation which follows on from events seen in Ridley Scott’s film where we play the daughter of Ellen Ripley. Then we have the recent multi-player shooter Aliens Fireteam Elite. Otherwise, entries have been very thin on the ground in recent years.

That was until Insider Gaming published a report. They claim a new title in the Alien series is not only planned but in active development. However, they didn’t say much about the details of the game but it’s a AAA title. So will it be a single-player game like the 2014 title Isolation by Creative Assembly or a multi-player effort like the recent release of Fireteam Elite?

A New Alien Title And What We Know

The source of this leak has been reported as having provided both documents and concept art but under the condition, they remain anonymous. Grasshopper Manufacturer is the team heading up this project for a holiday 2023 release. It’s also meant to be a survival horror previously under the codename Marathon.

The inspiration behind this seemingly comes from both the Dead Space and Resident Evil series. As well as this a sequel to Alien: Isolation is also said to be on the way. We did know of a single player based on Aliens but this seems separate from this. Being a fan of the franchise I’m very much looking forward to hearing more but what about you?

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