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Xbox gaming systems have been a fixture of the video game industry for more than 20 years. These systems, which range from the original Xbox to the most recent Xbox Series S|X, have made significant contributions to the gaming industry’s breakthroughs and improvements.

How significant is the Xbox in the gaming space though? We will discuss the importance of Microsoft’s gaming consoles, as well as how they have affected and continue to affect the industry as a whole.


First and foremost, the Xbox has been at the forefront of technological advancements in the gaming industry. The original console, released in 2001, was the first console to feature a built-in hard drive, allowing for faster loading times and more storage for games and other content. The Xbox 360, released in 2005, was the first console to offer high-definition graphics, paving the way for the stunning visuals we see in modern games today.

Moreover, the Xbox’s contributions to technology extend beyond just graphics and storage. The Xbox was also the first console to offer online gaming through Xbox Live, allowing players to compete against each other from anywhere in the world. This paved the way for the online multiplayer experiences that are now a mainstay in the gaming industry.

In addition to technological advancements, the console has also played a major role in popularizing certain genres of games. The Xbox 360 was home to a plethora of first-person shooter games, with popular titles like Halo and 3rd party title Call of Duty (for now) gaining massive followings on the console. This helped to solidify the first-person shooter genre as a dominant force in the gaming industry.

Furthermore, the Microsoft console has also introduced a number of exclusive titles that have gone on to become critically acclaimed and fan-favorite games. The Xbox 360 featured popular exclusive titles like Gears of War and Forza Motorsport, while the Xbox One did not have as many of what people would call hit titles, it still produced popular games like Halo 5: Guardians and the massively underrated Sunset Overdrive.

Perhaps the most important contribution of the Xbox is its ability to bring people together. Through online multiplayer, the console has facilitated connections and friendships among players from all over the world. For a lot of players, Xbox Live was a selling point. It was where your friends were, so it’s where you had to be. It has also provided a platform for professional gaming, with tournaments and competitions for popular titles drawing massive audiences.

In recent years, the Xbox has also introduced the Xbox Play Anywhere program, allowing players to access their games on both their consoles and PCs. This goes along with the ever-popular Xbox Game Pass. These, in the eyes of many, are game changers that have expanded the reach of the Xbox and provided even more opportunities for players to connect and compete.

How Xbox Changed Everything

Starfield and Elder Scrolls

Even with all of this, Microsoft’s Xbox falls behind its competition in some key areas. Both PlayStation & Nintendo have eclipsed the Xbox in terms of sales over the past two gaming generations. It’s the prime reason why Xbox went on a studio buying spree. Xbox needed to bolster its first-party games output, it became clear they could no longer rely on third-party as much. This includes the $7.5B deal to acquire Zenimax, a move that, at the time, was a shock to most people. Acquiring Zenimax instantly boosted Xbox’s family of studios, with them now owning Bethesda Game Studios, Alpha Dog Games, Arkane Studios, Id Software, MachineGames, Roundhouse Studios, ZeniMax Online Studios, and finally a Japanese game studio, Tango Gameworks.

Along with Zenimax which came with a lot of studios, Xbox previously acquired:

  • Ninja Theory, developer of Heavenly Sword & Hellbalde
  • Double Fine Productions, developer of the Psychonauts series
  • inXile Entertainment, developer of Wasteland 3 
  • Obsidian Entertainment, developer of The Outer Worlds and the highly anticipated first-person RPG Avowed
  • Undead Labs, developer of the State of Decay series
  • Playground Games, developer of what most consider the best racing franchise series Forza Horizon

However, these studio purchases can not hold a candle to the almost $70b potential Activision/Blizzard deal that is currently being scrutinized by the EU, CMA, & FTC.

Activision Blizzard

Making a move of this size is major and could only be done by a company that sees a new future for gaming and, to be frank, has the money to pull it off. Here are 5 reasons why this would be a smart move for Xbox:

  1. Access to popular franchises

One of the biggest benefits of buying Activision Blizzard would be access to its impressive roster of popular franchises. From Call of Duty to World of Warcraft, Activision Blizzard has some of the most iconic and beloved games in the industry.

With Xbox’s impressive lineup of exclusive games, adding these popular franchises to its portfolio would only further enhance its reputation as a leader in the gaming world. It would also provide Xbox with a wealth of new content to offer its customers, ensuring that they continue to have access to the latest and greatest games.

  1. A boost to Xbox’s online presence

Xbox has always been a leader in the world of online gaming, with its popular Xbox Live service offering gamers a seamless and immersive experience. However, with Activision Blizzard’s impressive lineup of online games, Xbox would be able to take its online presence to the next level.

In addition to popular games like Call of Duty, Activision Blizzard also has a strong presence in the world of esports. By buying Activision Blizzard, Xbox would be able to tap into this growing market and offer its customers even more exciting online gaming experiences.

  1. An increase in revenue

One of the biggest reasons why Xbox should consider buying Activision Blizzard is the potential increase in revenue. As one of the biggest names in the gaming industry, Activision Blizzard generates a significant amount of revenue through its games and services. Headlined by Call of Duty and Candy Crush.

By adding Activision Blizzard to its portfolio, Microsoft would be able to tap into this revenue stream and further boost its bottom line. This would not only help them to continue to grow and expand their business, but it would also help to ensure their long-term financial stability.

  1. A strategic acquisition

In addition to the potential financial benefits, buying Activision Blizzard would also be a strategic acquisition. As mentioned earlier, Activision Blizzard has a strong presence in the world of esports, a market that is only expected to continue growing in the coming years.

By acquiring Activision Blizzard, Microsoft would be able to tap into this growing market and offer its customers even more exciting and engaging gaming experiences. This would help Xbox to continue to differentiate itself from its competitors, which is something Xbox had to do.

Xbox Vision For The Future

Although there are many people who do not see the same vision as Xbox, there are a lot who see the value in what they are doing. By acquiring studios and building studios like The Initiative, they look to provide gamers with a wide variety of games with a relatively low entry fee. It’s still to be determined if these games will match the quality of what PlayStation put out, but it’s hard to not see with so many talented studios the lay of the land is set to provide a ton of amazing experiences.

Lucky for us, these experiences will not be limited to the console itself. Microsoft has seemingly gone all in on cloud gaming allowing gamers to play some of their favorite games via the cloud on their smartphones and even on their TV via an app. Playing Xbox games on 2022 Samsung TVs brought players a new seamless experience that is similar to using other streaming apps on your TV. By simply launching the Xbox app, and connecting a controller you can start playing.

K Is King

Acquiring ABK would help push that along in addition to them continuing to tap into the mobile game market. Although it’s easy to just think of Activision and Call of Duty, most people would forget about the K in ABK which stands for King, the makers of Candy Crush. King has been on top of the mobile revenue market since it was released way back in April 2012. According to Candy Crush Saga has earned over $1.2 billion in net revenue for 2022 according to their report back in October.

There are many reasons why Microsoft’s game consoles have been so important to the gaming industry. The Xbox has made significant contributions to the gaming industry, from technological developments to the popularization of particular game genres and the provision of exclusive titles. But probably most significantly, the Xbox has fostered social interaction through online team play and competitive gaming, securing its position as an essential participant in the gaming industry.

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