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The 5th Annual SUBSUME Summit takes place this weekend, both in person and virtually. This Summit focuses on Black creativity in technology and creative fields, with speakers ranging from prominent figures in Afrofuturism to video game developers. Black history is created daily and is represented in gaming, comics, sci-fi, technology, and film; the 2024 SUBSUME Summit will be an excellent event to celebrate it.

The SUBSUME Summit is an interactive virtual convention where creatives from science, art, and pop culture can connect and encourage one another. This summit will be similar to other conferences, with outstanding panels and speakers—virtual vendor booths, as well as several networking possibilities.

5th Annual SUBSUME Summit Features:

  • Customizable 3D avatars, booths, theater rooms, and halls
  • Bean bag casual voice channels and Networking Discussion Tables
  • Vendor Booths with clickable links, videos, slideshows, and banners
  • Network and converse with other attendees publicly throughout convention halls, invite others to private chats, and choose how you want to interact with your avatar, webcam, chat box, and more!

“The SUBSUME Summit honors the legacy of Black History Month, celebrating the Innovators who are creating the Black History of our Tomorrows Inspired by the rich heritage of Black culture and creativity, this event aims to foster collaboration, showcase talent, and amplify the voices of those who are shaping the future.”

Dedren Snead, Founder of Subsume Studios and Subsume Summit

The keynote speaker is Dr. Nettrice Gaskins, an African American digital artist and STEAM advocate. Her works of art combine Afrofuturism and “techno-vernacular creativity.” Her AI-generated artworks have been displayed at the Smithsonian Arts and Industries Building, as well as in publications and museums.

Black Creativity Will Not Only Be Acknowledged But Celebrated

The Subsume Summit began on February 7th and will go on until February 10th. SUBSUME Studios is hosting an open house in Atlanta today. The BLACK FUTURES live stream will take place tomorrow, February 10th, on Twitch and YouTube. For additional information, visit the official Subsume Studios website.

Once again, Black History, especially in the arts and sciences, cannot be reduced to a single month, notably the shortest one. Dedren Snead, the creator of SUBSUME Studios, has established an organization that promotes and celebrates Black excellence year-round.

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