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So…… I think I broke this game. No, I for sure did. See what had happened was; that I saved and may be closed out too early? Now I can’t even get passed initial loading so yes, I broke The Thaumaturge. I will likely have to restart from the beginning if a fix is unavailable and the save files that they sent out do not work BUT a big but I think this is a game worth playing. In fact, it makes me want to play this game more to get through and see the end of the supernatural murder mystery I was starting to unravel.

The Thaumaturge is an isometric type of murder mystery game with supernatural European beings. Games like Peaky Blinders or Partisans are very similar to this. This is also Fool’s Theory’s 2nd game with a stealth-based Seven for 2017 being their first title. 11Bit Studios are the publishers and you for sure have seen other games they have worked on like Children or Morta and Frost Punk.

Until I can fix the game this humble 12 hours in The Thaumaturge will have to be enough. Plus if 12 hours isn’t enough to say hey buy this game or not then I recommend just buying the game yourself and trying it. This is a bit different from a normal review but tell me what you think in the comments section.

—1 Hour—

  • The first hour was all about learning the controls of this turn-based supernatural game. With a 30 GB download, there is a lot to do and see in this game from petting dogs to interconnecting lore that spans several unique areas. It quickly establishes the world of 1905 Poland from the poor outer villages to the eccentric city of Warsaw. There are tons of people and choice-based dialogue options to get to explore throughout your adventures and 1 just happens to be Rasputin. Yes. That one.
  • Since there is combat it only makes sense that there is a skill tree. I wouldn’t say it’s an overly complex skill tree more of a if you want to use this monster unlock this skill. I’ll get into it more as we go on.
  • 1 thing that was immediate to me is this game needs more SFX. There is a lot of quiet time when naturally you would hear fabric rustle or other noise but often it’s just nothing.

—2 Hours—

  • 2 Hours In introduces us to powers like manipulation during conversations which also feeds into the flaws you gather as you collect Salutors. There seem to be multiple ways to figure missions out. From collecting a piece of evidence by extra investigation work to missing a whole important conversation.
  • The load times are good after the initial longer load-in. Although there is some pop-in throughout the game I’m going to put it down to my computer being as old as it is. 
  • 2 Hours later the voice acting is good but something is throwing me off but I can’t figure it out yet. I will eventually though.

—3 Hours—

  • Warsaw saw the start of some performance issues but again that is probably my computer. A lot is going on in Warsaw though and it is the central city that you work out of most. There are so many people and secrets to come across even if there’s a problem with the game ending the cut scenes mid-talk.
  • Need SFX. Please. This will come up again and again as the hours go by because it is just way too noticeable for me.
  • The VA is all over the place. I have yet to come across a character just doing a bad job but you could tell with this game the VA direction is not the same for everyone. Our main character suffers from Mono tone voice which is something I struggle with too so I hardly fault him. However, the characters around him often do not match him. They are either too energetic for the scene or joyful while he is very monotone or somber. It makes the interaction feel awkward sometimes even if it isn’t.
  • Everything feels lived in and we are just visitors to the world. It feels like if I never logged in again those pixels would live their lives.

—4 Hours—

  • This is the hour that kicks off some small issues but Crash #1 happens with no audio after the crash which required a restart.
  • The main character has daddy issues that need to be figured out before the end of the game. Literally the main point of the game. Get over your daddy issues and find the truth.
  • Some info is wrong depending on the character. The father’s age is wrong in at least 2 different media. I know it’s only 1 year off but a game that is saying look at everything and be suspicious of everything seems like an oversight.
  • Change my clothes and hair when I want?! A small amount of customization and clothing choices is never something I can complain about.
  • There are missable quests depending on the time of day with different times of day bringing some of the rowdy citizens of Warsaw. That also adds to the timed quests and urban quests that come with their own drawings. The timed quests usually consist of a quest to be done before the next major story mission, not in-game day passing.

—5-6 Hours—

  • Oh, this side quest is interesting | Oh this urban secret quest is interesting as well. Well Goodbye, main quest.
  • The Russian roulette moment in the London Bar had me on edge and that little chaos bird Salutor makes me feel like an Empatic Pokemon trainer in 1905 Poland.
  • The difficulty does scale. I tried various fights on different levels and the difficulty really skyrockets if you want it to.

—7 Hours—

  • No audio of the first boot of the day. Uh oh.
  • I have now come across the first instance of not having enough flaw points for a dialogue choice. I wanted to be sassy to someone and it was blocked because I wasn’t sassy to other people.
  • Thank god for auto-saves (They will not help me in a few hours)
  • Warsaw feels like Saint Denis from Red Dead 2. That famous turn-of-the-century vaudeville-type vibe and feel to everything but with a European twist. The whole game is alive with things to do. I can not get over how lived in this game truly feels.
  • The London Bar owner reminds me of Alikbiades from AC: Odyssey. A loyal but seedy person with a heart of gold if you earn it.

—8 Hours—

  • Oh, side quests a plenty. I kind of got stuck in side quest land just really playing at my own pace.
  • I had to reset my skill tree unlocks after spending a bunch of points. While beneficial I pretty much stuck to the powers I had before.
  • Crash again girly. I crashed for a 2nd time losing about 1 hour to 2 hours of gameplay. I can’t say why the auto-save didn’t kick in but there was an issue with the beta version corrupting save files which will rear its ugly head later on. I started the game after this update but I think it still got me in the end.

—9 Hours—

  • Back to main quest time. I do not want to get stuck in side quest limbo so I forced myself back to the story. Just know there are tons to do and hours to get lost in.

—10 Hours—

  • This is one of the first times I’ve got 10 hours in and thought “I didn’t play enough.” So I’m gonna extend the first look time to actually cover more and I truly just want to keep playing.
  • Safe to say I already think this is a game worth picking up even with the issues I have had so far. The story is detailed and the European lore sprinkled throughout is so carefully crafted. There is so much lore that could be its own game reading through it but I also never felt like I kissed lore even if I did the game has ways of explaining everything or giving you the information yourself to figure out.

—11 hours—

  • I figured it out! Why the talking feels stilted is cause they want to show everyone’s face. The person talking must always be the one in the center frame pulling focus; it leads to a lot of jump-cutting between characters. It makes it feel too chaotic at times if 1 character is delivering 2-3 words with cuts in between. I think there is a way to show how’s talking without the character being on screen. To others, it may not be a major issue but for me, it is distracting because it affects the speed of the dialogue and it’s visually a lot sometimes.
  • Please get some more SFX. I truly can not get over this. Bunch up a dang shirt or something! I can’t be alone with no noise.
  • I don’t trust Rasputin no matter how much he helps us. I know the game is making him to be an ally but I don’t trust him at all.

—12 hours in The Thaumaturge— Final Hour Not By Choice

  • I was on my way to the first Non-Main story Salutor to pick up with the Morana quest when it all went wrong. I should have noticed when I had some T-pose boys going on. It’s usually a small sign that something is about to go so wrong. At least with the experiences I have had before.
  • Crash 3 happened on saving at the end of the night. This was the one who kicked the chair while I was hanging Christmas decorations. There were no cloud saves or backups to fall back to; everything was inaccessible with a Fatal Low Error. I can’t make it past the loading screen. (This was a week before the Devs shipped out saves for those that were affected by that little issue I told you about earlier with a beta bug.) No main menu just a Fatal Low Error. However, I am in contact with the developers and they are working to help me. This IS a known issue right now but surprisingly not a game-killer for me.
  • Crash 4 on re-launch with the same error.

That leads us to where we are right now. A broken game that I don’t know if I can fix without wiping all my files and doing a fresh restart but, a game I am still gonna say you should play. In the 12 hours, I got to run around a world I felt was seeped with magic and history. I liked the world of the supernatural early Poland. It is not a perfect game but it is a game with a lot of love and care crafted into the game from the ground up. I give this a 7.5/10. Some things need to be fixed like the fatal low error issues but never once in my time playing did I want to stop because I wasn’t having fun or hooked in. The Thaumaturge is a stellar indie title that has replayability and class from relative newcomers to the industry at least on the North American side. Give the game a try and tell me what you think. If I can get the game fixed maybe a full deep dive? Let me know what you’d like to see from me and Lv1 Gaming in the comments section below and stay tuned for more!

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  • Full World w Tons of Quests
  • Supernatural World that isn't Just vampire ect.
  • Story with Depth and Draw


  • Stability Issues
  • Game Breaking Known Issues (AT THE TIME OF POSTING)

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