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At the beginning of last year, we reported on the return of one of the most iconic shooters, GoldenEye. A classic game from Rare for the Nintendo 64 in the late 90s. Despite rumors and staff from Rare seemingly unlocking achievements for Xbox on True Achievements. There were no official announcements made during the year, including during the Summer of Gaming E3 period and Gamescom.

However, in September, a Nintendo Direct finally confirmed the game’s development and announced that it would be coming to Xbox and Switch, but with no release date. As 2023 arrived, there was still no news on a release date until recently. The game is now available with Switch Online and Game Pass, as well as for digital owners of Rare Replay. The footage used for this article was captured from the Xbox Series X.

GoldenEye 007 In 2023, How The Game Holds Up Today

The footage used for this article was captured from the Xbox Series X. While the game looks visually similar to how we remember it, it appears dated when compared to current computer hardware. However, a game’s worth should be determined by more than just its visual appearance.

On the Xbox Series X, the game runs smoothly with minimal issues. There have been instances where some textures do not load correctly, but these occurrences are not frequent. The guns appear shinier than I remember, but this could be due to aging memory. The game may not sparkle as much visually as it did before, but the campaign is still the same and the updated controls for modern systems make the experience more enjoyable. This was particularly needed for the remaster of Resident Evil 4. To showcase how the game runs, gameplay footage can be found below.

It’s nice to revisit a childhood favorite and sadly on Xbox it only has local multiplayer, similar to its launch back in the day. However, now we can game online, look at Call of Duty. So hopefully, Rare can add this to the Xbox port. In the meantime, I am more than happy to play through this campaign again, but like many others, I long to see online multiplayer added and am preparing for sneaky play in the facility.

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