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Most gamers will remember a certain classic by Rare. Not only for the campaign but the countless hours of multiplayer. So that game is an iconic game for an iconic character. The character is the world-renowned James Bond, agent 007. And for the game, that would be GoldenEye 007

GoldenEye 007 was launched way back in August 1997 by Rare for the Nintendo 64 and is a cult classic. Those who played it remember isn’t fondly but it never received a port on any other system. GoldenEye 007 was caught with licensing issues with no agreement found with Nintendo, Rare, or MGM. It was given a remake of sorts but it didn’t compare to the original. We also know an Xbox 360 remake was planned but canceled.

The reasons for this Rare classic hitting news.

We know Bond is hitting gaming news recently as we the upcoming game from IO Interactive doing an origins story. But this classic hitting news is big news. And the story broke when Wario64 posted something big on Twitter. What they found came from True Achievements.

So what was discovered?

True Achievements found a new achievement list for this 007 classic. It gave 55 achievements for a 1000 gamerscore. Wario64 also posted some of the achievement images.

Even the thumbnail from the game matches the classic many of us know and love. This was also posted on Twitter by Wario64. And further, in his tweet, he shows how it’s listed for Xbox One. With Rare being part of Microsoft, there is a chance PlayStation won’t see a port but no one knows if this is even coming but signs would heavily suggest it is.

So what are your thoughts on this breaking news? This game returning is pretty big. It’s been heavily requested to be ported so could fans be getting their wish. Let us know what you think.

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