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At this point it is a matter of when than it is if. The Xbox Series S is the worst kept secret in gaming. If not the worst, it’s only second to other ‘secret’ Microsoft project which was the Fable announcement. Since before the announcement many insiders and journalist had a notion that Xbox would be releasing two new sku into the market for next gen. Here recently we received confirmation, and it did not come from Microsoft. Somehow, in a way we may never know, some people have got their hands on the new upcoming Robo White Xbox controller. Per the image above this controller is compatible with both the the confirmed Xbox Series X and the what was once rumored Xbox Series S. This confirmed what we all know now to be true. Microsoft & Xbox are releasing multiple Xbox consoles for next generation. What is interesting is who is the core target for the Xbox Series S. Most would come to the conclusion that it is the console for those who want to be apart of the next-generation of gaming without all the bells and whistles of the more powerful Xbox Series X. A cheaper box likely targeting the $399 area that may actually outsell the Series X. This is a real possibility as it may be more appealing to the casual gamer who may or may not care to much about gaming in 4k with frames per second up to 120. With next-generation around the corner it’s time for Microsoft to let the cat out of the bag. We know Lockhart aka Xbox Series S is real, why continue to keep the secret that’s not really a secret.

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