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The team at Ysbryd Games has been crazy at work with their support for their recently launched Horror game, perfectly titled, World of Horror. The game is the perfect blend of Japanese folklore and yokai mixed with the eldritch horror of Lovecraftian mythos. And the World of Horror launch trailer leaves the most horrifying impression.

Our team had the chance to actually play the game thanks to the team at Ysbryd. You can check out Baron’s early impressions. Now for me, as someone who is a major fan of horror and folklore, as well as lived in Japan, World of Horror tickles all the right creep factors. When you mix in the eldritch horror of Lovecraft it is a beautiful thing I didn’t know I needed.

Let me tell you that the launch trailer that debuted during the indie horror showcase last week was as madness-inducing as the worlds it set in.

As you can see from the trailer, the creeping sense of dread just oozes. As one of many playable characters is investigating the bathroom at school. This trailer really sets the tone of what to expect within the WORLD of Horror, see what I did there. If you want to check out this horror game, it is currently available on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

Let us know if you plan to check out this unique experience, as well as your thoughts on the World Of Horror launch trailer down below.

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