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LV1 Gaming was on the expo floor at PAX East 2024 and had the pleasure of checking out Whisper Mountain Outbreak. Developed and published by Toge Productions this co-op isometric PvE survival horror game takes place on a cursed mountain where the dead have arisen. With melee weapons, guns, and the power of friendship via online co-op you must fight through hordes of undead to find the truth. Check out our interview from PAX East 2024 below.

Whisper Mountain Outbreak PAX East 2024


  • Survive and fight the horde
    • Monsters will come in waves. Fight them off using a variety of melee and ranged weapons, use herbs to recover your health, and protect each other’s back!
  • Co-op multiplayer madness
    • Teamwork is key in this race to safety. Communicate using a chat wheel, save downed teammates, and share the scarce resources you find.
  • Explore, solve puzzles, and find a way to escape… together!
    • Work together to solve puzzles, find keys, unlock doors, and figure out a way to escape the cursed mountain.
  • Uncover the town’s dark secrets and find the truth
    • Read notes, talk with NPCs, and learn the hidden secrets behind the cursed fog-covered town and the people that inhabit it.
  • Claustrophobic, suspenseful, dark, and creepy atmosphere
    • A lingering fog, tight rooms, limited visibility, and limited resources.

If you have ever wondered what a fast-paced pixelated Resident Evil game would be like. Whisper Mountain Outbreak is here to deliver just that. The icing on the cake is that there are various types of lock pick mechanics and even puzzles to solve to progress in this Whisper Mountain Outbreak. There is no official release date available for this game but there is a demo available to play on the official Steam page. If you are interested in learning more about this title make sure to wishlist on Steam and follow the Whisper Mountain Outbreak Twitter account. For more PAX East 2024 coverage make sure to check out LV1 Gaming’s Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube Channel.

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