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There are a couple of ways games are announced, a title will get a reveal and we get a tiny amount of information before the official release. One example was in 2015 with Fallout 4 which was revealed at E3. Then small bits about the game’s world were revealed. A few short months later the game was released. However, we have games that fall on the other end of this spectrum. Where a game is announced and then for multiple often unknown reasons goes dark. Fans are given little information and are left with a virtual cliffhanger. So with a few games, we ask where they are in terms of development.

Silent Hill 2 Remake

Throughout 2022, a Silent Hill 2 Remake was heavily rumored. Then, on October 20th, we got the official trailer confirming that the remake was real. Bloober Team had been given development control by Konami. Fans have been left hanging since the reveal. Bloober Team, on the other hand, has announced and released a full remake of the Layers of Fear franchise into a single game since that reveal. Where are they with Silent Hill 2 since the completion of the other remake?

The Day Before

We’ve heard a lot about this troubled game but it was not over development, more about trademark issues. We know the game was shifted until November 2023 due to a change to Unreal Engine 5. Though we are a few weeks from launch we can ask once again with development where are they? The supposed release is close but we have no idea what shape The Day Before is in.

Beyond Good And Evil 2

This was first teased in 2008, and a trailer was released in 2017. It also has the current record for the longest development time. And the game’s creative director was fired earlier this year. This was due to the tragic news of Emile Morel’s death at the age of 40. So Summer’s lack of news is understandable. We have yet to hear from previous years.

Other Notable Titles

Skull and Bones had a pre-order go live after multiple issues and then vanished. We haven’t seen anything about the Max Payne 1 and 2 remakes on the game yet. The Last of Us multiplayer project is also in the works, but despite the franchise’s tenth anniversary, there is still no news to report.

Long waits, however, do not always indicate bad news. Take, for example, Dead Island 2. A canceled project does not spell the end of a game. Resident Evil 2: Reborn was created by one studio as a fan remake of Resident Evil 2. Capcom requested that the project be halted and later announced their own remake. According to IGN, this spawned Invader Studios and then Daymare 1998. We just saw the prequel Daymare 1994 Sandcastle. Another game that has received little attention is the remake of Knights of the Old Republic. Delays or cancellations of projects do not mean the end of the title, but we have no idea when or if some of the games mentioned will ever be released.

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