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 LV1 Gaming news update for the week of December 7th, 2020. The Game Awards 2020 was this week and Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part 2 won big. The Last of Us Part 2 brought home the best game direction, best narrative, best performance, best audio design, Best action-adventure game, and game of the year. Some other games that did well were Hades with the best indie game award and Final Fantasy VII Remake with the best RPG award. The Game Awards 2020 brought more than just accolades, multiple games were also announced and teased. Mass Effect is coming back and it looks as if the crew of the Normandy will be back. The teaser trailer showed Liara T’soni on a snow-covered planet picking up remnants of what looks like Shepard’s armor. Also, Bioware revealed a teaser trailer for the upcoming Dragon Age game. People who worked on Dead Space revealed a teaser for the new game The Callisto Protocol a sci-fi horror game. This has been the LV1 Gaming News update for the week of December 7th, 2020. Connect with us in the comments about this week’s news and what caught your interest. Check back in with us every Friday and make sure to subscribe to the LV1 Gaming Youtube Channel. Much love and stay gaming.

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