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Some games are pushing visuals hard in an effort to look more real or as real as possible. Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores is an example of how good a game can look. Spider-Man Miles Morales on PlayStation 5 is a treat at times. Even last gen we saw some impressive-looking games. For example, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. Now we have a game currently on Steam available to wish list pushing things further. So let’s introduce you to Unrecord.

Developer and publisher Drama is responsible for Unrecord. What we have is a first-person shooter with a little bit of a difference. It’s all set in the style of body cam footage. A very similar approach to the horror game Paranormal Tales. Though this shooter even with a body cam style could offer the best-looking game experience we’ve seen to date. So let’s look at the reaction trailer from our Youtube channel below.

Unrecord Pushing Those Visual Boundaries

Visually it looks pretty photo-realistic as the trailer shows off. Obviously with a release date not anytime soon this could change. However, for the way the game is now, it’s a very realistic tactical shooter. We also don’t know what requirements will be needed to run this game. Hopefully, we see more soon and get more information on what is certainly a promising-looking title. One thing is this won’t be the end of this game. It’s sure to be talked about as the months go by. Do you feel technology is capable of Gaming at this level? Or do you feel this game is another we’ll never see?

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