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Aerial_Knight’s We Never Yield Review Mortal Kombat 1 Unveils Takeda Takahashi: Arriving July 23 Kriegsfront Tactics- Prologue Impression Magic And Mayhem Take Over Teamfight Tactics A Pottery Tale: Eyes that Fire and Wheels that Throw formally Freedom Games has revealed three upcoming indie titles that range from a cozy action RPG to a strategy card game. This publisher is well known for releasing a wide variety of titles that fit any gamer’s palate. So let’s jump right into it!

Renaissance Kingdom Wars

On July 15, 2024, Reverie World Studios’ real-time strategy game Renaissance Kingdom Wars published by will go into Early Access on Steam. With its special blend of resource management and city-building, this much-awaited game transports players to the Renaissance.

Three Upcoming
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Key Features

Renaissance: A Time of Science, Arts, Philosophy, and War

  • The Renaissance saw the rise of mercenary armies across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.
  • Play as captains of these armies, waging wars and conquering cities for the crown.
  • Mastering this grand strategy may lead to a desire to take the crown and unite the world.

From Leading Men To Creating Nations

  • Captain of a mercenary company in various regions.
  • Lead troops to victory and maintain their fighting condition.
  • Potential rewards include city ownership, becoming a lord, maintaining the economy, engaging in diplomacy, and establishing a domain.
  • Ambitions to become the emperor general of the known world.
  • Choose between world map management or frontline command.
  • Start a conquest as a minor lord or one of many historic kingdoms.

Final Stardust: Cosmic Nexus

Final Stardust: Cosmic Nexus is a Collectible Card Game (CCG) that mixes fast card-battling action with anime visuals. It was developed by Nour Sai and published by With short, five-minute battles, the game emphasizes strategic gaming for both novices and experts. This title has simple mechanics that favor strategy and fast thinking above chance. Making playing Final Stardust: Cosmic Nexus both exciting and engaging.

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Key Features

  • Epic Gameplay: Final Stardust takes you back to the roots of Collectible Card Games with lightning-fast, five-minute duels! Simple yet strategic, it’s all about how you play your hand, not mastering complicated meta tactics.
  • Easy to Master: Say goodbye to confusing effects and special rules. It’s just you, your rival, and a stack of cards with clear, understandable abilities. Your choices in battle are what truly matter.
  • Quick Battles: Get ready for action-packed matches that aren’t decided by luck! Balanced mechanics ensure you can always make a comeback, even when the odds are against you. A set turn limit keeps every game thrilling and swift.
  • Never Surrender: In Final Stardust, victory hinges on your decisions, not random chance. Every match is a test of skill, with plenty of chances to turn the tide, no matter how tough the fight gets!

Dungeons and Dining Tables

Dungeons and Dining Tables is a cozy ARPG adventure by Catalyst Games and You search dungeons as a cute axolotl to find unique furniture pieces and make a cheerful haven for a group of adorable animals.

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Key Features

  • Axolotl is tasked with overcoming challenges in endless dungeons to bring back enchanted furniture to Kindlerest, a town filled with grumpiness, monsters, and a lack of comfort.
  • Axolotl will have to dive into procedurally generated dungeons that become more complex as you get stronger.
  • Comfort is key in Dungeons and Dining Tables. You will restore the town by increasing the comfort level with magical furniture.
  • Defending Kindlerest from ornery creatures will also be an important task for Axolotl

If any of these three upcoming titles from caught your eye make sure to add them to your Steam Wishlist.

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