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We draw closer to the upcoming next-gen release of The Witcher 3. CD Projekt Red finally gave us a release date last month. The following week we got a live stream detailing some of the changes fans could expect on the 14th of December. Fear not if you missed that stream, as it can be found here. This update brings quality-of-life changes from the original release from 2015. As well as native console versions for new hardware, The Witcher 3 PC version is also updated.

Since that live stream, the gaming community has compared the original version of Geralt’s third adventure to the upgraded version. The footage was limited to what we saw on the live stream but comparisons are available. One such example can be found here. Digital Foundry has also provided an in-depth analysis of the opening of the game. Though with all these quality of life changes, one problem has appeared. That being in The Witcher 3 PC upgrade.

Why The Witcher 3 PC Upgrade Poses A Potential Problem

Unlike the console versions, players on PC can add mods to the game. So RTX support in the game isn’t new to PC players for example. However CD Projekt Red has confirmed on the forums not all mods will work on the updated version at launch. Especially the mods that use scripts. They have tested several mods and posted a link on the forum post of what is compatible. Several mods will be included as part of the upgrade. This is what CD Projekt Red said on the forum about the included mods.

Additionally, we are including several popular mods in the update (they’ll be available depending on the platform). We obtained permissions from their creators, reimbursed them, and they’ll be featured in the credits of the updated game. The mods were reworked and assets optimised as needed, and the game adjusted to run with them. There was even a case when a dev got so engrossed in tinkering when including a mod that he ended up simply remaking that particular aspect of the game. So, in a way, the game comes with some mods already included.

But for the full spectrum of mods we still depend on our community, and we are looking forward to the new modding ideas and activities this update will spark 

CDPR on including mods in the next gen update

So what is your take on this news? As always we’d love to hear your thoughts. Will you be jumping back into the world of Geralt come 14th December?

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