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As we know, God of War Ragnarok just missed out on getting Game of the Year in December. It was also a game I reviewed favorably at the time as well. However, it’s inspired other games as an action-adventure to look up to. Now it seems we have another game inspired by it, though at first glance this may be a bit of a surprise. The action-adventure coming is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles adaptation. The story in question is The Last Ronin. It’s one of the newest stories in the Turtles franchise with the story being published in 2020.

So how did we find out The Last Ronin is set to become a video game adaptation? Firstly the information came when Doug Rosen was interviewed by Polygon. He is also the Senior Vice President for Games and Emerging Media at Paramount Global. He wants to create a AAA action that is faithful to the source material. Rosen will know what’s what with the franchise as they own the right’s for it. As for release information, Polygon stated “The Last Ronin video game adaptation is being developed by an unnamed studio, and is likely a “few years off” from release”.

What Makes The Last Ronin A Good Fit For Action Game

For one, this is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game that’s got a story, unlike the others. This is a story set in the future of the Turtles and the game will be a single player to fit the story. For this part in the timeline, the Foot Clan has not only killed Splinter but three of the four Turtles. Our lone survivor is left to seek revenge. It’s also revenge against Shredder’s grandson. Meaning we have a very dark and bleak tale of the Turtles to come at some point in the future.

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