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This past couple of years has seen a big interest in an iconic Naughty Dog franchise The Last of Us. This game was recently remade from the ground up for PlayStation 5 and also made its long-awaited debut on PC. The highly popular game also received an HBO TV adaptation starring Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsay as Ellie.

Let’s dive into The Last of Us Part 2 once more as we’ve just received a remaster for PlayStation 5. What this does is provide a native PlayStation 5 release for the continuation of the story of Joel and Ellie. However, if you own the original PlayStation 4 release there was a $10/£10 upgrade option.

The Last Of Us Part 2 Remastered -What We Get

The first thing some may notice is how accessible the game is. So for example, speech can be played through the DualSense as vibrations to allow you to feel how that speech is being delivered. This can be found in all the DualSense settings. The game also offers a range of magnification and visual aids such a color blind mode. There are options that can be toggled for motion sickness, navigation and traversal, screw reader, and audio cues as well as various combat accessibility options and alternate controls.

In terms of playing the game, there’s a slight visual improvement. You see it more with finer details in character models such as hair or foliage around Seattle. The game palette seems to be improved and combat now supports the DualSense. An example is feeling the tension in the bow as you ready your shot.

To Conclude

However the big question is left, is the game worth it? If you’ve never played the sequel before then the remaster is probably the best you’ll have to experience the continuation of the story. If you own a physical copy but have a digital PlayStation 5 then is the full-price upgrade worth it? I’m a huge fan of the game. With the lost levels and new modes which are a speed run mode and No Return horde mode, it’s not enough to justify the full price. The upgrade fee means for me it is worth the upgrade. More on what is included can be found here on a PlayStation Blog post. A video of PlayStation 5 gameplay can be seen below.

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