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You may remember a story we brought to you last month that added weight to a claim by Gustavo Santaolalla who is the composer of The Last of Us theme. This claim was that a definite edition of the second game was in the works. Then early October Mark Pajarillo, the lead outsource artist at Naughty Dog accidently leaked a new release via his LinkedIn profile that mentioned a The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered release. However nothing was confirmed, but it looked incredibly likely. If the game was coming was it going to be a full remake or just a detailed remaster? After all the second game is only just over three years old and visually still looks fantastic.

Additionally, there were reports of a listing being found on the PlayStation Store’s back end. It showed new cover art and a detailed description of the remaster. So The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered looked even more real. Though still no official announcement. Things changed later that day with a trailer for the remaster and a PlayStation blog post to accompany it. So now the question was what benefits was the remaster offering. After all the original sequel runs really well on PlayStation 5 and visually is still impressive. The other key question was the cost.

The Last Of Us Part 2 Remastered Details

Let’s break down the blog post. The game will be here pretty soon as it’s given a release date of 19th January next year. So we are about two months away. The blog post claims the remaster has “plenty of reasons for new and returning players to revisit”. The game campaign is back and is said to be “alongside technological improvements, new modes, and new behind-the-scenes features”. So let’s look at the trailer below.

The game has a new roguelike mode called No Return. This offers players the opportunity to test their skills in “randomized encounters” to offer a new way to experience the game’s combat.

There a guitar-free mode to improve the guitar-playing sections which are very popular. The blog post says.

So we’ve introduced a new Guitar Free Play mode, which will let you strum the strings across a host of unlockable instruments, use audio FX pedals to modulate your performance, and play as different characters in several in-game locations to customize the mood and feel of your set.

That’s not all. As well as new character outfits we have the lost levels which state

A new set of Lost Levels in Part II Remastered allow players a unique chance to check out some playable sequences previously cut from the game. These aren’t fully finished levels, but rather early-development slices that not only let you see some new glimpses of Part II’s world, but also include embedded developer commentary to give them richer context. Explore these spaces and hear directly from the team about the intention of aspects of each level – this is a unique inclusion for our studio and we’re excited to allow players a glimpse into the creative process.

Game Editions And Pricing

The blog post explains this further and preorders go live on 5th December. This is for both the standard edition and the W.L.F. Edition. This edition will be available exclusively directly from PlayStation. The markets in which it will be made available are as follows

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Benelux
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Austria

The W.L.F. Edition contains a

  • SteelBook® display case
  • Four enamel pins
  • Washington Liberation Front Patch
  • 47 Society of Champions trading cards, including eight holographic cards.

And if you own the original game you can upgrade for $10. Though please note the small print in the blog post. The price may vary by country. We are advised to check the store on launch day for local pricing. Disc copies will need the disc drive and will need to use the disc to play the upgrade. It would not be a shock to see more at The Game Awards. However, what do you think of this news? As always we love hearing your thoughts.

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