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Ubisoft has confirmed that The Division 3, the next installment in their popular Tom Clancy multiplayer shooter franchise, is in development. The previous games in the series – The Division and The Division 2 – were developed by Ubisoft studio Massive Entertainment and set in post-pandemic New York and Washington D.C. respectively.

Massive Entertainment will once again be leading development on The Division 3. The studio currently has their hands full with the upcoming releases of Star Wars Outlaws and Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. To help support The Division franchise, Julian Gerighty who was Creative Director on Star Wars Outlaws will shift roles and serve as Executive Producer on future Division games. Gerighty has history with the franchise, previously serving as Associate Creative Director on the first Division and Creative Director for The Division 2.

Details Scarce on The Division 3 Setting and Release

While the announcement confirms Massive is building a team for The Division 3, little else is known about the next installment. Ubisoft has not revealed potential settings, release window, story details, or platforms.

With Massive’s focus on other projects like the free-to-play Heartland spin-off still slated for next year, it is likely The Division 3 is in early stages of development. The footage and promotional images for Heartland indicate a more rural setting than the urban environments of previous games.

For now, fans of The Division will have to wait patiently for more news to emerge on the next chapter in the story of the Strategic Homeland Division agents. The development of The Division 3 signals that even after 7 years and two games, Ubisoft believes there is more life left in the franchise.

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