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The Second Half Of The Day I Became A God Review

This is where the second half of the review begins, for those that have seen the anime and still are looking for some answers. Since you’re here, I’m assuming that you have watched the anime so there will be a very large amount of spoilers moving forward.

Please don’t read the rest unless you’ve watched the anime, this can greatly worsen your enjoyment of the anime. Just in case, I’ll keep the images shown spoiler-light in case of someone that accidentally opens this page.

Thoughts On Episode 5

If you’ve finished the anime then you’d know the whole truth about Hina, however, there are certain things that Hina does that just don’t seem to be possible. For instance, the call she had to Kyouko when she imitated the exact sound of her deceased mother’s voice.

People were wondering how she was able to do what she did since the reasoning that they gave was that… she’s a God.

Now, I don’t have a problem with what actually happened but rather, how they went about showing it. You’re lead to believe that she did it just by using her own voice and that would be absolutely BS.

You see, the day before the incident, Hina asked Youta if he had any videos of Kyouko’s mother and they watched one of them. From that, Hina synthesized her voice (using the right frequencies of Kyouko’s mother’s voice) to make the call.

Like I said before, the problem is how they actually show this go down.

Hina used a telephone box to make the call and they show her empty-handed. She had no equipment and as the viewer, you’re wondering how is all of this even happening but the call actually worked, how??? They chalk it up to her being a God.

Finally, come to the end of the anime and you know everything, that reasoning doesn’t explain how it worked.

My Theory

Now, I do have a theory as to what actually happened.

My theory is that, in episode 9, they show Hiroto enter “The sea of information” (basically having access to all of the internet and everything that is connected to it). You see that Hina was also connected to the network.

After seeing the video of Kyouko’s mother, she synthesized her voice using the quantum computer that’s in her head and automated the call beforehand, and this kind of makes sense.

The problem with this is that I had to do all of this guesswork to figure it out and I’m not even sure if I’m right… They could have handled all of this better.

The Small Things That I Noticed In The Day I Became A God

I do find it funny how the loan shark dude that was in a Mob in episode 3, after getting punch by Youta, disappears until episode 7 and wants to help out in the movie that they’re about to make lool.

He had his whole character development from working with a Mob to discovering that the Mob wasn’t for him. Actually cutting ties with them, all off-screen lmao.

Joujirou Takajou from Charlotte makes a cameo in episode 6 in one of the wildest ways possible. Only those that have seen Charlotte will get the reference that they made.

Explaining The Confusion Of Episode 9

When The Day I Became A God was still airing. A lot of people were confused with one particular event that happens in episode 9. I’m going to break down the event.

Around the 8:24~ mark, Hiroto searches for the quantum computer that he has been tasked to do and deduces that “The quantum computer must be in the sea of information”.

The next scene is where people were confused since the scene moves from Hiroto sitting in his sit to him on top of a diving board. What they did for the next scene is just a visual metaphor of Hiroto exploring “the sea of information” aka, the backend of the internet.

As he travels through the “sea of information”, he meets a dolphin i.e, another user doing what he’s doing (exploring the internet).

The user only needed to do something basic so Hiroto guides them to where they need to be – the shallow area of the internet where the majority of people stay at.

The rest should be self-explanatory since it’s all a metaphor for him accessing the internet. Remember, Hiroto has a gift to where he’s able to process data at a superhuman rate, only he could have done what he did afterward.

The Worst Thing About The Day I Became A God

If you have read everything up to this point (first of all, God bless your soul lmao), you may have noticed that in the main review, I only mentioned the second worst thing in the anime and not the worst thing.

I only noticed the observation that I will be talking about in the last episode of the anime because, from episode 9, a lot happens. Let me start by asking a question – What is the relationship between Youta and Hina?

The way I interpreted it was, this dude befriends this girl and by the end of the anime, they become something close to family BUT… Throughout most of the anime, the anime would constantly insinuate that they were something more…

At the end of episode 5 (23:25~ mark), Hina starts to feel some type of way by the thought of Kyouko and Youta being together.

To when Hina got jealous of Kyouko at the festival and storms off, to… the ending of episode 9, the final episode, this had to be a romance anime… right???

Well hold on there, there’s a very spooky question that you got to ask… how old is Hina???

I find it weird how EVERYONE’S age is never explicitly said, you pretty much know Youta and his school friends are between 17 and 18. Because they took their entrance exam for college but everyone else… it’s never said.

What makes this even weirder is that throughout the anime, they’d consistently joke about how young she looks and now this anime is starting to look extremely spooky.

However, there MIGHT be a saving grace to this, let’s run down everything.

The Damage Control

Hina’s father abandoned her when she was 7, she then lived with her grandfather. Her grandfather helped temporarily suppress the Logos Syndrome disease till years later, Hina was made into a “God”.

In episode 8 (6:43~ mark), Youta asks Hina “When did you become a God?

She responded with-

So her grandfather did the operation at the beginning of the year (334 days is just under 11 months – just before September when the summer holidays are over). The next following episode is when the government comes to get her (day 335). Episode 8 ends with 4 days left till the end of the world.

So she met Youta on day 308 (that’s where the “This world shall end in 30 days” came from).

Later in episode 8, you (the viewer) and Hina discover that she has younger siblings (the way she found out about them was messed up by the way).

Again, no ages were said but they looked to be able 8 and 5.

So if you do the math… (this is ridiculous lmao), a 7-years-old Hina, an 8-year-old younger sister, 15/16??? (Since the story carries onto the next year).

Then you also got to factor in when her father abandoned her, he probably wasn’t thinking of having another kid right away, so maybe he waited for 1-2 years which would bring up her age.

Ok… but why is she so short then???

Hina was born with Logos Syndrome (LS), a fictional made-up disease that has startling similarities to ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), and the Lagos Syndrome is said to be terminal, there is no cure for it.

Little is known about LS and maybe it stunted her growth. She literally couldn’t walk or talk before the age of 7.

In episode 12 (11:45~ mark), they show that Hina hadn’t grown a single bit (bear in mind that this takes place the next year after she was kidnapped).

The REAL question that should be asked is why? Why did Jun Maeda make their relationship so ambiguous? Do they view each other as family or is it something more?

At the end of episode 12, Youta reminisces on the past events and ends his little monologue by saying they “fell in love“. I thought “Hmmm, I wonder what they say in English dubbed”. In the English dubbed, they changed it to “they FOUND love”… That’s even more ambiguous than the subbed version…

Is there a reason for the ambiguity???

There’s literally only one thing that I can think of. It’s that Jun Maeda planned on making a second season.

Season 2???

Right after this monologue, Youta tells her that he plans to go to university to research the disease that she has and hopes to understand it and make a breakthrough.

He completely changes his direction in life and wants to become the man that her grandfather was (he says that in the anime).

This anime started as an anime original series so it wasn’t an adaption of anything else. The Day I Became A God began airing in late 2020 and ended in December of 2020. A manga adaptation of this series started in November of 2020 and is actually still releasing chapters in 2021.

Who’s not to say once the manga finishes, a second season would be in the works to fully wrap up the story. Jun Maeda actually did something similar with his most popular work – Clannad. Clannad season 1 takes place in high school and season 2 was about life after high school.

The End

Ultimately, even though there’s a lot of sense and logic to it all. You can make the math make sense. This was just pure speculation, assumptions, conjectures, and borderline damage control on what we have right now before us.

The only thing that we know is the ambiguous relationship between Hina and Youta and with everything that I said. It seems to be by design. Was this a wise choice? No, after all, this is the worst thing about the anime for me.

It honestly doesn’t make me want to rewatch it, though, this did not hinder my first time watching the anime. Because I didn’t fully understand what was going on till the last episode. Add in the fast, poorly-paced episode 9, you’re not given the time to think.

Who knows, maybe later down the road and new content comes out from this series. This might be some “big-brain” move but as of right now.

This left a bad taste in my mouth (pause) from an anime that I really liked watching when it first aired.


If the steep, steep price of £323.61/$447.40 for the Blu-ray boxset that has ALL of the episodes doesn’t tickle your fancy, The Day I Became A God is available on Hulu and Funimation.

This concludes my complete review on The Day I Became A God. If you actually managed to sit through and read everything. Thank you so much and I commend you – you must really like anime lool.

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If you managed to read everything, I TRULY mean this…

Thank you for your time.

The Day I Became A God Anime Breakdown [Part 2]







  • Has really good visuals.
  • Has a couple of really touching moments.
  • The characters have really good chemistry with one another creating a really good dynamic the cast of characters.
  • Has a good OST that brings in the feels.


  • Has pacing issues.
  • The ambiguous relationship between the protagonist and the heroine.
  • Has unrealistic moments when its trying to be a more realistic anime.
  • Should have been longer to give the vie

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